Alexei Gordin Questions Art World’s Conventions

Solo Exhibtion
from: 25.09.2018
to: 29.09.2018

Australian Artist Bianca Tainsh Uses Ritual to Disrupt Consumer Culture

Solo Exhibition, Workshops and Rituals
from: 18.09.2018
to: 22.09.2018

Sergey Melnitchenko - Loneliness Online

Loneliness Online – Photography Exhibition by Sergey Melnitchenko

Opening: June 6, 6–9pm
from: 07.06.2018
to: 16.06.2018

Routine & Happiness – Mari Nagem & Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger

Opening reception Tuesday May 15th, 2018, 6-9pm
from: 16.05.2018
to: 26.05.2018

Treading water – Photography by Todd Reece Johnson

Photography Exhibition in SomoS Art House
from: 16.02.2018
to: 24.02.2018

Exhibition Kang Dasom & Cho Hyun Soo (Korea)

Korean Residency Program
from: 25.01.2018

Korean Art Student Residency Program

international cooperation
from: 01.01.2018
to: 31.08.2018


from: 08.12.2017
to: 28.12.2017

Aske A. Hvidtfeldt

Songs from Misanthropolis – Aske A. Hvidtfeldt Exhibition at SomoS

Reception: Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 6-9pm
from: 06.10.2017
to: 14.10.2017

Erin Mitchell - Uncanny Valley

Exhibition Explores Relationships Between Humans and Technology

Press Release Solo Exhibition Erin Mitchell
from: 02.09.2017
to: 09.09.2017

Natusha Croes

Multimedia Performance by SomoS Artist-in-Residence Natusha Croes

Performance/Screening/Book Launch
from: 29.04.2017

Afterimage Solo Exhibition Agnieszka Rowińska

March 20-25th 2017, 2-7pm
from: 20.03.2017
to: 25.03.2017

Christopher Sperandio Pinko Joe (detail)

Presentation, Artist Talk, Publication Launch of Christopher Sperandio

Press Release
from: 23.02.2017

Custom Paradise Open Call

Custom Paradise Exhibition at SomoS

Virtual Realities and Custom Paradises
from: 26.10.2016
to: 30.10.2016

Phantomatique / Nowhere to Be Seen – Pauline Alioua

Phantomatic – Photography Exhibition by Pauline Alioua

SomoS Artist in Residence 2015 Pauline Alioua
from: 09.04.2016
to: 23.04.2016

Accumulation – Goran Tomcic & Nándor Angstenberger

Duo sculpture exhibition
from: 12.03.2016
to: 02.04.2016

Overlooking I - Ink Agop

Ink Agop – Overlooking I Multimedia Installation

Video, Sculpture, New Media Art Exhibition
from: 25.02.2016
to: 03.03.2016

Flyer of the Fixation exhibition at SomoS feat. James Bidgood, Shu Lea Cheang, Bruce LaBruce, Jack Mitchell, Krefer, MuD, a.o.

Fixation Exhibition on the Nude Body in Art Cinema

SomoS Art House exhibition
from: 20.10.2015
to: 05.11.2015

Imprint Exhibition Presents Two Young Collage Artists

Ingrid Bittar and David Woodward at SomoS
from: 01.10.2015
to: 17.10.2015

Berlin Art Project Reinterprets the Satellite Dish

from: 01.01.1970