Afterimage Solo Exhibition Agnieszka Rowińska

March 20-25th 2017, 2-7pm

20.03.2017 14 Uhr  - 25.03.2017 19 Uhr

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Press Release: Solo exhibition, installation , SomoS resident artist Agnieszka Rowinska

AFTERIMAGE – Agnieszka Rowińska

WHAT: Light installation involving translucent paintings

OPENING: Saturday March 18th, 6–9pm

DURATION: 20–25 March 2017, Daily 2–7pm, and by appointment (closed Sundays)

WHERE: SomoS Art House – Kottbusser Damm 95, 1. OG, 10967 Berlin
U8 Schönleinstrasse, exit Schinkestrasse

WHO: Agnieszka Rowińska, Polish installation and multimedia artist

BERLIN—March 7th, 2017 – From the 20th—25th of March 2017, Art Space and Cultural Centre ‘SomoS’ will display a kinetic painting/light installation created for a solo exhibition at SomoS by one of its current artist residents, Agnieszka Rowińska.

The artist will be presenting her largest-scale installation yet, and her first in the German capital: a large installation involving translucent paintings, paper sculptures and site-specific lighting offering a spectacle of appearing and disappearing, moving shadows, structures, silhouettes, and hues.

Rowińska’s work consists of images interweaving figuration and abstraction; whereby eerie figures of the human body are obscurely placed behind aesthetic semi-transparent painted screens. New media additionally plays a significant role to the piece, with artificial beams of light being projected through the painted panels from behind the display. The subsequent incandescence of the human figures offer a sudden hallucinogenic phantom representation to the viewer.

Another important element to the exhibition are the chosen postures of the human figures by the artist. Each pose has been extracted from prominent paintings such as “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli to perform a further statement about the déjà-vu experience.

Rowińska draws inspiration of her work from ideas surrounding the spiritual; such as hallucination, vision and epiphany. She aims to explore the way in which these supernatural commentaries are encountered, developed and confronted according to region, class and background.

I explore layers of visual representation, searching for language that would express the transcendent ideas of spirituality. I try to find a way to talk about the invisible part of reality. I want to understand why some people believe in the supernatural and how they experience these events.

Agnieszka Rowińska, Artist’s Statement

AFTERIMAGE is the end product of a 3-month residency by Agnieszka Rowińska at SomoS. The result of the installation is a fresh perspective and contemporary reexamination of experiences surrounding faith, belief, ancestry and extra-sensory perceptions.

About Agnieszka Rowińska:

SomoS Artist-in Residence early 2016 Agnieszka Rowińska
Agnieszka Rowińska

Agnieszka Rowińska was born 1991 in Warsaw and is a graduate in painting from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. She additionally followed a student exchange program at the Faculty of Arts at Newcastle University.

Her previous exhibitions include: “Following W.S.” at Tarnów’s BWA Gallery; and the exhibition “Young Blood,” a project at the Socato Gallery in Wroclaw gathering notable graduates in Fine Arts across Poland. Rowińska’s first individual exhibition, “Vision,” was an installation hosted by the New Jerusalem art space in Warsaw. More Information

About SomoS:

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