Queer(ing) Art

A Conversation with Jérome Chazeix & Yener Bayramoğlu, Ph.D.

30.01.2016 4pm

Visual artist Jérome Chazeix, whose work was on exhibition at SomoS Art House in Zeix Lab Berlin, and Yener Bayramoğlu, Ph.D. sit down on the last day of the exhibition, to discuss topics behind Chazeix’s decades-long project to disrupt the fashion world with his subversive take on mode and accessories.

The pseudo-label Zeix Berlin subjects viewers to a satirical experience that parallels aspects of consumer fashion, but at the same time calls on one to reflect on deeper questions of gender identity, gender construction, commodity fetishism and cross-cultural identities.

After a short introduction to Jérome Chazeix’ work, Jérome Chazeix & Yener Bayramoğlu will discuss topics such as: what is queer in art these days; working with the themes of gender and fashion within art; crosscultural presentations of queer identities; and the meaning and goals of parodying fashion.

30.01.2016 from 4 – 6pm
Free entry
Language: German
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