Quicklook 001: Santiago Taccetti

Solo Exhibition

27.04.2013 13h  - 08.05.2013 19h

New art project space SomoS is proud to present quicklook 001; a special art presentation by Berlin-based visual artist Santiago Taccetti during Berlin Gallery Weekend 2013.

Curated by Justin Ross, the exhibition consists of a series of new works installed by Santiago Taccetti in a way that responds to the specific qualities of SomoS’ new exhibition space.

Involved in a luscious play with artifice and representation, Taccetti’s paintings, sculptures and installations explore the way the all pervasive digital aesthetics shape our perception of the real world.

Reception: Friday, April 26th, 6 – 10 pm.
Open daily from 1 – 7 pm


Realized with the kind support of Club Midnight gallery Berlin.
Photos: Juan Margolles.