Ramses Salas

Media Artist & IT/Computer Engineer

21.10.2019   - 27.10.2019

Ramses Salas is a Venezuelan media artist and IT/computer engineer based in Berlin, his participatory interactive installations center around the visual exploration of movement and sound.

Through his degree in computer science and engineering, he began working with movement sensors, and was fascinated with the data collected by them. He began to explore how this data could be translated into visual and auditory representations in his artmaking. Salas uses a combination of programming languages, 3D graphics, movement sensors, cameras and video projectors, coupled with human interaction. By combining physical actions and materials, the artist aims to influence virtual environments and make them an extension of our reality.

At SomoS, Ramses collaborated in October 2019 with Spanish multidisciplinary artist Iria do Castelo to create the work Juliette, exclusively for the Un_Real Desires group exhibition. The interactive installation incorporates a physical sculpture by do Castelo, and a virtual interactive component featuring projection and sound by Salas, as the viewer will be able to modify the piece through movement. In Juliette, Castelo and Salas imagine how humans could follow the impulse of the ecstatic, erotic and the sacred that are suppressed by the demands of society. They aim to show a way to access “the violence of excessive enjoyment, and ways to transgress the limits of a mediocre reality.” This is represented by an abstracted piece, both delicate and frightening, sensuous and rich, directly connected to the idea of the disembodiment of the erotic.

Salas graduated from Charles III University of Madrid in 2016, with a Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering. He was a member of the Dance and Technologies laboratory at the same University during 2016 and 2017. He has collaborated in the creation of video interactive pieces presented as part of contemporary dance performances at Conde Duque Madrid Cultural Centre and the theater of the University of León.

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