Reconfiguring the Meme Machine

Solo Exhibition by Bianca Tainsh (AU)

19.09.2018   - 22.09.2018

Reconfiguring the Meme Machine consists of a series of workshops and rituals conducted by Australian artist Bianca Tainsh during the month of September as she concludes her artist residency at SomoS in Berlin, Germany.

The project, which aims to “reverse the tide on mass consumerism” by engineering a “Memetic Virus” – a concept that jumps from mind to mind. The result will be a series of ritualistic ceremonies that are specifically developed to propagate an anti-consumerist mentality, while adopting a blend of many different gnostic associations, will conclude with an exhibition of her research and work towards this goal, opening on Tuesday September 18th, 2018 at SomoS.

Reconfiguring the Meme Machine initiates the genesis of The League for Human Integrity, an organized movement for an ideological reinvention in the age of Mass Consumerism. Through driving social and personal transmutation the movement reimagines humanity as a global collective of humans, all responsible to each other and the world they inhabit. Participants are deprogrammed from the unrealistic ideologies of Mass Consumerism and offered a new perspective of being an autonomous, self-expressive individual, committed to creating positive change within their own world.

Within the current conditions of global adversity how can we as individuals influence positive change in such formidable environmental, social and political crisis? These experiential workshops aspire to empower participants in generating their own change through daily life practices, and to restore a sense of global community in the fight against consumerism and environmental injustice. Values, self-identity, nature and life experience become a reflective framework for crafting a template for meaningful and conscientious living.

Bianca Tainsh, on the power of ritual to transform behavior as part of her workshops leading up to the exhibition Reconfiguring the Meme Machine


Through video soundscapes, print and installation practice the SomoS gallery becomes an exhibition space, but also becomes a transformative site for the movement’s experiential workshops and rituals.

About Bianca Tainsh

Bianca Tainsh is a multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She is known for her meticulously conceptualized and executed multi-media installations that traverse mediums such as digital prints, video, sculpture, commercial fabrication and artist books.

Tainsh obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors 1st Class) from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. She has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Arts & Community Practice, as well as Arts & Community Engagement from the Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne Australia.

Tainsh’s work includes participatory art projects that invite acts of creative expression from the public, and combine curatorial, artistic, social and activist elements. More information on Bianca Tainsh.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 18th, 2018
Duration – September 19–22, 2–7pm or by appointment

Workshops for Ideological Intervention: September 6, 12, 20, 21, 6–8pm
Rituals: September 18 & 22, 6–8pm

(Entry free to all happenings.)

More information and booking of Bianca Tainsh’ Workshops for Ideological Intervention.

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