Ricardo Ferreira

Made in SomoS

12.09.2014   - 30.09.2014

Internationally active as both skilled electronic music artist, producer and dj as well as inventive installation artist, SomoS co-founder Ricardo Ferreira (Seoul/Porto/Berlin) is continually perfecting his electronic music crafts.

Under the moniker B.I.S.C.A.T.E, Ricardo Ferreira collaborated with Andre Wakko, producing minimal electronic tracks. He has worked together with Tiago Oudman since 2007. He has performed at Berlin clubs like Golden Gate, Bar25, TAPE, Wilde Renate and toured India, Australia, South-Korea, New Zealand and Thailand. His music has been released on Freizeitglauben, Tonkind and other noted electronic music labels.

Ricardo Ferreira was one of the founders of Playground Berlin, a collective of international artists dedicated to art collaboration, creation and presentation. Using a variety of media, the group created extravagant experiences in temporary spaces, addressing themes like recycling, sustainability, dj culture and synesthesia, while giving visibility to emerging international artists.

In 2010 Ricardo Ferreira worked as a creative director of La Crèche, an artistic/curatorial project taking place at the 7th Berliner Kunstsalon art fair, for which he conceived and created a the architectural art installation that was both framework of an exhibition as well as a large scale immersive work of art in itself. He has also helped create imaginative structures for music festivals like Fusion or Garbicz.

In 2012 he co-founded and help build SomoS Art House, where he collaborates on various creative projects, and has developed SomoS’ uniquely styled sound facilities, along the way consistently intensifying his sound research and collaborating with a host of other artists like Sunday Luv, David Goldberg, Sander Markey, Uone, Jose Noventa and others. November 2014, Ferreira’s From Above EP was released; featuring collaborations with Sunday Luv and Bronson. A world traveler, Ferreira regularly dj’s in Seoul and Bali under the moniker RicardoWho.


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Cover of Ricardo Ferreira's track Amatuer featuring a blue colored circle on a pink background.

Ricardo Ferreira – Life on Earth


RICARDO WHO? Youtube Channel


Image courtesy Zac Baille