Sadie Weis

Custom Paradise

26.10.2016   - 30.10.2016

Through the fusion of found objects, natural elements, and scientific mediums, Sadie Weis creates interactive and immersive installations. The US artist has been based in Berlin for many years, and it is here in her studio that she developed her singular technique of metamorphizing objects through a self-developed crystallization process. Influenced by the occult, the magic, and science fiction, her work crosses artistic genres to create ethereal and shiny universes that question and explore -but never reveal- the collaborative experience between the viewer and the unknown.

How do we find a self within the intangible concept and vastness that is the universe? How fleeting and insignificant is one human life in the grand scheme of it all, and how do we defy the face of this knowledge?

Sadie Weis, Artist’s Statement

Sadie Weis was born in Salina, Kansas and studied Painting and Printmaking at the University of Kansas. Upon graduation, she moved to New York to pursue her artistic career. Here she was involved with and lived in quite possibly one of the last living artist-run sub-cultural spaces in Soho, NYC, deemed “the Greenhouse,” on Soho’s Greene Street. Over there she was involved in a myriad collective of multi-media artists, writers, thinkers. musicians and dreamers.

After a trip to Berlin and a subsequent Artist in Residence/studio program at DADA Post Gallery in Berlin, Sadie transferred her practice to the German capital, where she continues to live and work today. She has exhibited internationally in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Martinique, the UK, and the United States, and is an active member of the BBK Professional Artist’s Association. She has recently completed an Artist in Residency Program entitled ‘Neo Future’ at the Artles Creative Center in Haukijärvi, Finland.

Sadie’s work was presented at SomoS Art House during the exhibition Custom Paradise in the framework of the 2016 Berlin Porn Film Festival. In her immersive installation for SomoS, “Rainbow Gravity,” she created a Sci-Fi Garden/Transcendental Interactive “Portal” as a means for reflective purposes and contemplation of one’s place in this universe or one’s own “Kopfkino” – one’s “cinema of the mind”. By collecting various objects of the surrounding nature and city, she intends to explore – but never to reveal – the collaborative experience between viewer and the unknown. This work questions our collective iconography and brings up questions about our places of worship, reflection, and intention; as channeled through the idea of a sacred space.

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