Schatzi & The Monster

My Paper Sunglasses 2014

from: 01.01.1970

Schatzi & The Monster: My Paper Sunglasses 2014

Founded in 2013, Schatzi and the Monster is a contemporary Berlin-based fashion label under the creative direction of Guille Chipironet and management of Fernando Lopez with the support of creative team Carles Bel, Gio Tamiello, Elena San Francisco and Alberto Shock. Exploring a philosophy of dualism, Schatzi and the Monster’s unisex creations are marked by a strong influence of contemporary culture, sophistication and humor.

Designer Guille Chipironet was born in Barcelona in 1983. He was brought up between Barcelona and La Pobla de Segur. An art student since 16 years old, he studied Industrial Design and later Fine Arts. Based in Berlin, he is working as a freelance photographer and designer, stating “I believe in the diversity of art, and I don’t make any compromise with it.”