Scope Sessions #77

Kate Chen & Mila Chiral

08.11.2018 6pm  - 9pm

November 8th 2018, SomoS proudly hosts the 77th edition of the Scope Sessions – artist talks & media salon. Discussing and presenting their work are Kate Danyu Chen and Mila Chiral.

The Scope Sessions – artist talks & media salon are a meeting point for the creative and the curious, a platform for sharing and learning in an informal setting. Guest artists are invited to present a project, a concept, a process or an experience. The presentations are short, around 40 minutes and unrestricted in form. Each session offers a variety of topics and approaches; Scope is about exposure, not for the artist, but for the audience.

In the 77th edition of the Scope Sessions, taking place at SomoS, artists Kate Chen and Mila Chiral demonstrate and discuss their work.

About the Artists:


Kate Chen (DE) – Cyborgian Spaces

Kate Danyu Chen is an artist and spatial designer currently based in Berlin. Her artistic practice focuses on corporeal and theoretical experiments of space. She incorporates media of drawing, installation, performance, text, and film, and is interested in translations between analog and digital processes.

With a background in architecture, Kate’s practice addresses body-politics of space, urban rituals of the everyday, and intersections of technology with the human body.

Currently, her research focuses on Donna Haraway’s post-humanist concept of the “cyborg” as a synthesis of dualisms — human/machine, male/female, natural/artificial, virtual/real — to critically reconstruct an understanding of being and consciousness.

Chen recently took part to the exhibition Un_Becoming: The Erotic, the Body & Technology at SomoS coinciding with the Berlin Pornfilm Festival 2018 with her video installation Offline Venus : Memories and Myths of a Cyborg.

Mila Chiral (DE) – Four-Dimensional Sound Choreographies

Mila Chiral is a Berlin-based dancer-choreographer, electronic musician and DJ, who composes sounds and poetry as well as choreographing bodies and movements in time and space. She will talk about her music, her trans-disciplinary artworks and collaborations. In selected examples, she will give an insight to her artistic approach and techniques, including her artistic background from dance/choreography to electronic music and interdisciplinary art forms such as digital arts. At the end of the talk, Mila Chiral will premiere a new video to her track “Stars & Flowers” from the album “WHERE TIME MEETS SPACE” (2017).

Mila Chiral is part of “minutektiv,” a group of female music producers from Berlin, and of the trans-disciplinary art collective “WAH” (Weber / Anderson / Helschinger) in which she contributes dance, voice, acoustic soundscapes, electronic music, poetry and elements from visual arts, questioning the inherent relationship of existential and artistic freedom. Mila Chiral is also one of the organizers of “MEETUP Berlin,” a new and growing community of female-identifying, trans and non-binary artists in the fields of electronic music and arts and a member of “female:pressure.”

Thursday, November 8th, 2018
Doors open at 6pm
Talks start at 7pm *SHARP*