Scope Sessions 89 – AAA Collective & A MAZE

Artist Talks & Media Salon

13.02.2020 6:30pm  - 9pm

Thursday, February 13th 2020, SomoS hosts Scope Sessions – Artist Talks & Media Salon edition #89. The media artist speakers for this session will be members of the AAA Collective & Thorsten S. Wiedemann of A MAZE.

AAA Collective

AAA is a software art collective based in Berlin, with members from countries including Australia, Argentina, Russia, Germany, USA and France. They make video games, give lectures and performances, maintain a blog and run a public community event called aaartgames. Their cooperation has formed in response to the frustration its members feel with the fine art and video game production industries.

Their recent work includes projects Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates, a video game network of nine worlds; Data Mutations, a collection of data that can be transmuted and re-arranged with ease; Dystropicana, a digital multimedia archipelago, and many more.

AAA collective will talk about their activities, how and why they work together, and their latest project Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates.

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Thorsten S. Wiedemann / A MAZE

Thorsten S. Wiedemann is the founder and artistic director of A MAZE. Under this international label, he produces and curates festivals, exhibitions and workshops on the intersection of games, digital arts and playful media.

With A MAZE. / Berlin and A MAZE. / Johannesburg, Thorsten created two annual festivals to present independent and alternative games culture, connecting Europe, Africa and the world. He also generates innovative formats (e.g. A MAZE. Magazine, A MAZE. Pop-ups, A MAZE. Train Jam South Africa) creating platforms for experimentation, collaboration and exchange. In addition, Thorsten established the A MAZE. Awards, which go to artistic and groundbreaking works in six categories.

Thorsten is also the first “VR Naut,” once spending 48h non-stop in virtual reality during his Disconnected performance. He lives and works in Berlin.

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About Scope Sessions

Scope Sessions is a meeting point for the creative and the curious, a platform for sharing and learning in an informal setting. Guest artists are invited to present a project, a concept, a process or an experience. The presentations are short, around 30 minutes and unrestricted in form. Each session offers a variety of topics and approaches; Scope is about exposure, not for the artist, but for the audience.

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Scope Sessions #89 – Artist Talks & Media Salon
Thursday, February 13th 2020
Doors open at 6:30pm
Talks start at 7pm sharp
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