Screening: Neuromantics Spacetime

Films by Basma Alsharif, Beatrice Gibson & Hannes Ribarits

06.09.2016 7pm

The programme includes films by Basma Alsharif, Beatrice Gibson and Hannes Ribarits and a selection of popular science documentary excerpts, investigating a multiplicity of alternative, objective spaces: imagining and arriving at a place, familiarity – and discovering the unknown in the familiar – and contemplating the parallel existence of all with which we are connected. Curated by Warren Garland and Emma Gradin.

Neuromantics are a screening collective presenting work with an immersive relationship to local and distant places and processes. Each program is a freestanding session in a series that explores different states of consciousness in space and time; physical and cognitive aspects of artistic- and other types of work; memories and sensations that have been generated through engagement with materials and other beings; and the traces and impressions left by those on the world around us.

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Image: still from Hannes Ribarits’s film SLACKER MANIFESTO 3 (I Lost my Love in Los Angeles)