by Sadie Lune

25.10.2014 15h  - 18h

A workshop by American artist and sex worker Sadie Lune during the 9th annual PornFilmFestival Berlin, 2014.

From 16 years of experience working in different sectors of the sex industry, Sadie Lune describes and explains the psychological and practical considerations behind a private session with an escort or Domina. This workshop gives a step by step guide through a session, starting before the client arrives at the door. Sadie will present through roleplay, personal stories and question and answer what she knows about the ins and outs of when clients visit strippers, erotic masseuses, prostitutes and BDSM workers, as well as her experience working in porn. She will reveal the background of her mindset, actions and experiences from a personal perspective. This workshop will indulge the curiosity of anyone interested in a behind the scenes look at what really happens between a sex worker and client, anyone thinking about becoming a client of sex workers but not sure how, or workers in the industry looking for another perspective. If you’ve ever had a question about prostitution, professional BDSM or the sex industry in general, but were too afraid to ask, this is your chance for insider answers without judgement. Trade secrets will be revealed and myths will be busted!

Sadie Lune is an American artist and sex worker. She works with themes of intimacy, sexuality, gender, diffusing shame, queer fertility and sex workers’ rights in performance, video, painting, and writing.

Number of participants: 30 (all genders)