Sergey Melnitchenko

Ukrainian Photographer


Sergey Melnitchenko is a rising star of the Ukrainian underground photography community, fearlessly seeking out challenging subjects such as masculinity in Ukraine, the secretive backstage world of showgirls in China, and queer, transgender, and other marginalized identities throughout the world. His deep immersion in these topics allows him to photograph his subjects at their most vulnerable, affording us insights into the extremely intimate moments in the everyday life of these people. His creative approach extends beyond the traditional boundaries of the medium of photography, involving collage and installation to further contextualize his work, blending elements of the political with his personal, poetic and often conceptual approach.

Born in 1991, Sergey Melnitchenko is a Ukrainian photographer and a member of Ukrainian Photographic Alternative, a collective that promotes contemporary photography in Ukraine. His recent photo essay “Behind the Scenes” offers an intimate peek into the underground nightlife of the Chengdu nightclub in China and was honored with the Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award in 2017. Additionally, he has been named Photographer of the Year (Kiev, Ukraine) in 2012, 2013, and 2016. His work has been internationally exhibited in over 10 solo shows and over 50 exhibitions worldwide.

At SomoS, Melnitchenko will share his series titled “Loneliness Online.” The project represents of the state of loneliness through the pairing of solitary images of trees and strangers’ bodies as seen in video chat rooms online. Melnitchenko brings a layer of complexity and a poetic meaning through his sensitive juxtaposition of the intimate imagery.