Sima Zureikat



Currently based in Berlin, Sima Zureikat was born in Chicago, USA in 1978, and moved to Orlando, Florida in 1989. In 2000 she took her B.A. in Studio Arts from Oberlin College, Ohio. She moved to Amman in 2001 where she worked as a professional photographer and photo editor for several publications. An interdisciplinary artist, working primarily in Photography and Video, she has exhibited New Media works as well as Installation, Painting and Printmaking pieces throughout the region. She has also participated in a number of international exhibitions, residencies and workshops.

One central theme in Sima Zureikat’s work is the exploration of power and its symbols in our lives. The questions that guide this exploration are: What is our attraction to power and why do we desire a structure of power to reign ‘above’ us – whether through religion, state or society. Using mediums of photography, video and paint, the aim of the work is to express this delicate human relationship with power.