Simone Orgel

visual artist

24.10.2017   - 29.10.2017

Simone Orgel’s current art project “Bing({‘})h” is a playful artistic anthropology of sexual representation in both language and image, which aims to reduce the taboos and paradoxes surrounding the depiction of female sexuality.

Simone Orgel lives and works in Berlin. Between 2009 – 2013 she studied Communication in Social and Economic Contexts (BA) at the Berlin University of Arts. In 2011 she spend an exchange semester at the Institute of Communication, Culture & Information Technology of the University of Toronto, Canada.

Since 2004 she produces her personal work (sketches, watercolor painting studies, wood/metal sculpting). Her 2003/2004 installation “About the Course of Life – Series of Objects about Becoming and Decaying” was presented at the Munich City Library and the Deutsches Herzzentrum, Munich. Between 2012 – 2013 she developed the short movie & workshops about local identity: “StadtGeSchichten – мІсторії Львова,” which was first presented in Lviv and subsequently in Munich and Berlin.

Simone Orgel has been working on her current art project “Bing({‘})h” since 2014. Bing({‘})h is an artistic and emancipatory anthropological exploration into the great variety of nicknames and appearance of the vulva depending on region, language and country. Collaborative, playful and social in nature, it takes shape both online on the Bing({‘})h homepage and social media and in exhibitions and events, such as The Beholder group exhibition, taking place at SomoS Art House from October 24th to October 29th, 2017, in conjunction with the Pornfilmfestival Berlin.

About “Bing({‘})h – the Vulva Bingo

Inspired by works such as The Great Wall of Vagina, it is Bing({‘})h’s goal to „change body image through art.“ Bing({‘})h aims to contribute to a broader public reflection about the so called ‘normality’ of how genitals ‘should look like’ today. A norm not least created by popular pornography which also brought phenomenons to the table like labiaplasty or the indisputable ‘need’ of intimate shaving, waxing, etc. no matter if it hurts, annoys or might even restrict natural protection.

The beauty of the differences and the sheer variation of shapes, looks and not at least cultural attributions to genitals is the artist’s passion and excitement. She is amazed at how few people are aware of their own and others genital’s shape, the existing diversity, and questions how a conversation about the biologic nature of a vulva can still be a taboo even today.

Bing({‘})h is inspired by LaLotería, the Mexican version of the game Bingo. In a playful and actually quite innocent way (each of the 54 necessary cards show drawings of different international vulva nicknames; not even the vulva itself), Bing({‘})h aims to challenge the common concept of normality, disgust and taboo while offering an easy and playful access to the topic and debate. The art work tries to reveal the great variety of nicknames for the vulva depending on region, language and country, allowing the visitors to get acquainted with all expressions through play.

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