SomoS Artist Talks

Anna Laing-Fraser, Joaquin Luchsinger, Mari Nagem, Syed Shoaib Mahmood

13.03.2018 3pm  - 5pm

Four artists currently participating in SomoS Artist in Residence Program will give short presentations about their previous work and their current projects taking place at SomoS. The artist talk format offers visitors a chance to get to know more about these four artists and their individual artistic practices.

Anna Laing Fraser

Anna Laing-Fraser – “Ornament,” typography

Anna Laing-Fraser is a graphic designer and scenic film painter based out of Toronto, Canada as well as a graduate of the York University/ Sheridan College Program in Design. Through her digital-based studies and a career as an artist in the Canadian Film Industry, she has had the opportunity to investigate creativity through both malleable and technical means, thus believing compositions can benefit by the merging of the two components. Anna Laing-Fraser enjoys incorporating multimedia and whimsical elements into her projects to evoke a more fluid connection with the viewer. She spends a great deal of time with typographic design and visual exploration, focusing currently on the relationship between architectural forms and typefaces. Her research in Berlin will explore this theme further, drawing on the historical architectural references of the city to develop a typographic exposition of detailed ornamental structures and architectural elements.

Mari Nagem

Mari Nagem – Google Trips, Beauty, Installation Shot, 2017 Photo: StudioVikings

Mari Nagem (b. Belo Horizonte, 1984) lives and works in São Paulo. She received a master’s degree in visual arts from the Haute École d’Art et Design de Genève. Her current research explores the artificiality of landscapes and human interventions, investigating the transformations of the environment through technology and by capturing images using digital media. She is interested in how human thoughts and actions can transform the environment, creating artificial horizons and alternate realities.

As a multimedia artist, Mari Nagem works between mediums to produce installations, video and photography. Working between the real and the virtual, painstakingly selecting titles for her work, analyzing the relations between space and object, exploring bold colors, bright materials and visual effects, she aims to raise existential questions and explore them with lighthearted cynicism.

Mari Nagem’s video works have been selected for FILE, CineOP, Arte.Mov and Athens Video Art Festival. She has participated in collective exhibitions in Europe and Brazil and was invited to the Vatelón residence in Uruguay. She currently has her studio in SAO, an independent space for production and exchange of artistic experiences in São Paulo.

Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger

Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger – Sound of Routine II, 2016, wire and 15 3V motors

Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger was born in Santiago, Chile in 1990. He graduated with maximum distinction from Escuela de Artes Visuales de la Universidad Finisterrae. Luchsinger’s work is driven by constant use of and experimentation with sound. He divides his artistic production into two lines of work: Looking for the sound through the object and applying concepts drawn from the world of sounds in different artistic mediums in order to reach an image. His work has been exhibited at the Universidad Finisterrae and Casa Central Universidad de Chile.

Syed Shoaib Mahmood

Syed Shoaib Mahmood – Reflexive exhibition, SomoS 2017

Syed Shoaib Mahmood is a self-taught artist working in mixed media and sculpture. Mahmood has participated in group exhibitions at Public Art Exhibit, Mumbai; The J.J. School Of Arts, Mumbai; and The Patna Art Fair, Patna. In 2016 his work was presented in a solo exhibition at The Kings & Queens Gallery, Mumbai.

Incorporating language and philosophical queries, his artworks serve as visual metaphors for relationships between people. Mahmood is interested in the philosophical aspects of beauty; its effects, paradoxes and ironies, because as, how Mahmood sees it, beauty has the ability to change and interrupt our lives and cause us to reflect–it is ultimately provocative.

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