Introducing SomoS Resident Artist Adam Cohn

visual artist/educator, Tel Aviv

01.08.2017   - 30.09.2017

We are looking forward to work together with Israeli artist Adam Cohn during his August/September 2017 Artist-in-Residency.

During his time in Berlin, the young painter will work on a new group of large paintings, extending his recent series of figures in studio settings.

Interested in the tension between painting’s surface and the subject of its depiction, Cohn states: “I am to create a scene which has both a strong objective aspect – a strong and communicative composition, which is a springboard into an interesting painting experience; as well as a deep subjective aspect – relating to a specific emotional narrative.”

I am interested in this question of dual experience, while looking at art, this wonderful balance between looking and enjoying the painting itself- how it is made, the expressive force of paint on canvas, and on the other side- a strong emotional response to the content, and thoughts that take you away into an experience. I hope to infuse the work with some feeling of what I will experience while in Berlin. I am interested in the old culture in Berlin- Museums, architecture, dance, as well as the young culture of galleries, studios, artists, night life. All these experiences feed into the work.

Adam Cohn, Artist’s Statement

Art lovers and professionals interested in SomoS resident artist Adam Cohn’s work will have occasion to view his work in a presentation at SomoS, and take part in an upcoming workshop conducted by the artist at SomoS.

Adam Cohn artist page

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