Introducing Sophia Zarders

Illustrator & Comic Artist (US)

from: 01.09.2018   to: 31.10.2018

SomoS is happy to welcome Californian visual artist Sophia Zarders to its Berlin Artist-in-Residence Program.

Zarders is a painter, illustrator and comic artist who combines diverse media. Zarders is known for an ongoing series of emotional self-portraits and her progressive political posters.

She received a BFA in Illustration from California State University and is currently working as a freelance artist and part-time educator. Zarders has independently created many comics and zines, and has published her work in magazines such as The Nation, Resist! Magazine and Shameless Magazine.

During her stay at SomoS, Zarders is experimenting with various media and deepening her creative process; the main project is writing and illustrating a multi-media graphic novel, which deals with issues such as generational trauma, partnership, and discovery. This project, which has been in her mind for some time, has a personal character, since it is connected to the artist’s family history.

Utilizing their time in Berlin, Zarders has connected with local artists and creators, and experimented with digital media by creating an animated short. With a background in activism, Zarders is exploring the social justice scene in Berlin, and hopes to contribute to the never-ending pursuance of equality and freedom with her artworks.

Greatly interested in cinema, Zarders appropriates and subverts the monolithic imagery of Hollywood, which dominates much of the media world, within her upcoming solos exhibition, Tinsel Angels.

I want to combine my passion for social justice, the graphic novel, and contemporary mythology into work that will speak to many underserved audiences.

Sophia Zarders, Artist’s Statement
Looking over Sophia Zarders' shoulders, painting a lager than life watercolor of a white woman in bathing suit sipping a cocktail, Berlin Fall 2018
Sophia Zarders working at SomoS, Berlin Fall 2018

By coming to Berlin, the artist wants to reflect on notions of race and nationality. The stay in another city, which stands out for its internationality and art scene, creates a unique environment for Zanders to develop their art projects.

Find more information about Sophia Zarders’ projects on their website, or visit their online store.