Stacie Ant

Russian/Canadian New Media Artist

22.06.2018   - 24.06.2018

Stacie Ant is a Russian/Canadian new media artist and curator. Currently based in Berlin, she draws on her experiences as an immigrant while developing the critical views of our technologically-saturated contemporary society that inform her work. Using video, installation, and performance, Ant reinvents elements of contemporary culture through fictional, maximalist narratives. She often incorporates costumes, exaggerated makeup, composited scenery and 3D animation to ridicule the effects that mass reliance on technology has on popular culture.

Ant’s work integrates washed-up celebrities, glamorized mid-century inspired environments, and gender fluid characters. Often humorous, Ant’s work offers a way of looking at a fast-paced digital realm through a lens of irony and satire.

Of the broader context in which her work is positioned, Ant writes:

My digital paintings explore female representation in the media through a contemporary “girl culture” lens. My current goal as a female artist is to break away from the male gaze and objective representation of the female form.

Stacie Ant

In this sense, Ant’s character-driven work operates as a critique and rejection of the male gaze, particularly in terms of the objectification of women in a digital society. She harnesses the very digital tools offered in a technologically-dependant society as a means of empowering female identity and sexuality.

Besides her artistic practice, Ant has also developed several curatorial projects. In 2017, she was selected as an Emerging Curator at Inter/Access in Toronto, Canada wherein she developed the group exhibition Transcendence. Transcendence drew on contemporary media theories to propose a parallelism between immersion in our digital age, and spirituality. At the core of the exhibition was the notion that subjective experience within technological platforms such as video games and virtual reality allow users to tap into surreal worlds that shift traditional concepts of time. The digitally facilitated, seemingly out-of-body states that were referenced by Transcendence, furthermore, were to be contextualized within and arguably challenging towards the increasing secularism of the 21st century. You can read more about the exhibition and the participating artists’ work at Akimbo.

In 2016, Ant received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Media from Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, Canada. She was a resident artist at the Toronto Animated Image Society in 2017.

SomoS has invited Ant to present her digital painting series Self Exploration in the group exhibition Personae taking place during the 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival 2018.

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