Stefanie Wolff – Project Heimat

Solo Exhibition

08.11.2017   - 11.11.2017

The solo exhibition Project Heimat offers an overview of the Berlin work of Argentinian photographer Stefanie Wolff. An ongoing photographic essay, Heimat grapples with both exploring and solidifying the dualities of her identity as a woman raised and immersed in Latin American culture with an acute awareness of her historic familial ties to Germany and WWII.

As the artist puts it:

In my project I investigated the threads that connect the time of my grandfather, my parents and myself. All times and spaces that have fluctuated in the intrinsic connection between two countries, two cultures and an ocean of doubts and questions in the middle. The work aims to find the natural connection between the links beneath us, our personal memory.

Stefanie Wolff, Artist’s Statement


A new photographic chapter in her Heimat essay was presented, composed and curated during Wolff’s artist’s residency at SomoS. Stefanie utilized her intimate immersion in German culture as the basis of a group of thoughtful and poetic new works.

Opening Reception: November 7, 2017, 6-9pm. Entry free.