Stefanie Wolff

Visual artist, educator, photographer from Argentina

01.09.2017   - 30.11.2017

Stefanie Wolff is an Argentinian photographer who applies a sensitive and poetic approach to questions of personal heritage and belonging.

Educated at Universidad del Cine from 2001-2006, Wolff has achieved recognition within the Latin American visual arts landscape. From her home base in Patagonia, she also teaches and conducts workshops on photography.

Wolff’s photographic essays reflect her intention to find and express the multicultural identity that was brought about by her grandfather’s relocation from Germany to Argentina at the end of WWII. Wolff continuously questions the validity of her own personal interpretation of ‘self’ when juxtaposed against the backdrop of the mundane realities of everyday life. Her work will continue to experience change as it is a direct result of her personal evolution as an artist and individual.

As Stefanie states:

Personally speaking, photography has been a bridge that connects my life’s history to my fast moving reality. It has enabled me to reconcile self-criticism into a visual experience.

Every essay needs time to develop on several levels, practical, emotional as well as creative. Besides photographing, I take time to reflect and read, looking for new perspectives. Personal emotions such as fear, distress, happiness, need and desire flow into the work as well.
Developing a sense of location is important to me, to connect with psycho-geographic memory and spirituality. I take notes in order to use words as images and images as texts. Both tools help me tell my story.

I view this essay as a mirror that changes in time and I would like to create in this constant change. The process liberates me and brings me closer to an essential emotional moment. I live my work from beginning to end.

Stefanie Wolff Artist’s Statement

Stefanie Wolff has participated in a variety of exhibitions including “Salto de Luz” at Villa Victoria Ocampo (2016) in Mar del Plata, “Salto” at Nano Festival (2016) in Buenos Aires, and “1000 Trees” (2017) in Buenos Aires. Her most recent solo exhibition Project Heimat will debut at SomoS Art House on November 7, 6-9pm 2017.