Stéphane Morey

Custom Paradise

26.10.2016   - 30.10.2016

Stéphane Morey (CH) is visual and media anthropologist interest in gender, sexuality and pornography. Since 2012, he co-organizes the annual alternative-porn film festival “La Fête du Slip” in Lausanne.

Born in Sierra Leone to a Swiss evangelical missionary family, Stéphane Morey grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he studied Social Sciences at the Université de Lausanne. Parallel to his studies, he worked in the local film “industry” doing anything from lighting technician to 35mm projectionist in an alternative cinema.

In his studies he has explored his religious background from an anthropological viewpoint. He obtained a Master of Arts Visual and Media Anthropology from the Freie Universität Berln. Together with his sister Viviane, Stéphane Morey organizes the multidisciplinary festival La Fête du Slip; an annual alternative-porn film festival held in Lausanne, Switzerland, focusing on body, gender, and sexuality in art. It takes places during the first week-end of March since 2012. Exploring similar themes, the pair also publishes the POV Paper.

During the 2016 “Custom Paradise” group exhibition at at SomoS, Morey cooperated with visual artist Maria Guta on the installation “POV VR XXX” and a special presentation of “POV Paper” magazine.

Issues linking religion and politics are one of my core interests. However I have also developed an interest in all things concerning gender, sexuality and pornography, and I maintain a mixed-media blog on these topics. I’m interested in the use of anthropological knowledge in esthetic and political endeavors such as anarchism and feminism.

Stéphane Morey


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