Topic: Analog

The rediscovery of analog media has been described by writer Douglas Coupland as not so much nostalgic -as many using it are young- but rather as “a return to improved materiality.”

The unique qualities of physicality, its imperfections and transience are increasingly explored by new generations of artists, who develop philosophical or political narratives around “old media,” using it in unintended and unexpected ways. These can include wide-ranging inventive, political or poetic practices, such as aesthetically employing the process of decay, or using data carriers sculpturally, subverting their original ideological or commercial purpose.

Moving back from the disembodied to embodiment, at a moment in time when the optimistic promises of digitalism make way for scenarios of surveillance and dystopia, engaging with analog material may offer a way to critically deconstruct historical developments and attitudes, and to better understand the current moment.

Treading Water – Todd Johnson

In his solo exhibition Treading Water, visual artist Todd Reece Johnson (AU) expresses his dissatisfaction with digital photography’s sterility, critiquing the desensitized version of the world that it provides us with. In a deliberate materialist practice, that takes analog processes to almost alchemical extremes, the show responds to such concerns.

Pedro Ferreira

Pedro Ferreira, born in Portugal in 1988, is a Berlin-based media artist. He works primarily with experimental and documentary film, video installation and performance. In his work, he explores found footage concepts to reconsider technologies and their failures and expose media materiality. His personal documentary work examines contemporary social issues in an attempt to comprehend […]

Marguerite Harris: The Perpetual Conversation of Movement & Light

SomoS welcomes back U.S. American visual artist, experimental filmmaker and writer Marguerite Harris for a short work/research Artist-in Residence. Two years after her impressive solo exhibition Film is Un/Dead and Cameraless Film and Experimental Sound workshop, Marguerite joins us again, this time to weld a kinetic light sculpture for use in her installations. Marguerite Harris […]

Screen saver forest wallpaper pasted in a gallery

Erin Mitchell – Uncanny Valley

In her installation Uncanny Valley, American Multi-media artist Erin Mitchell transformed SomoS’ exhibition space into an immersive installation that physically recreated the idealized natural imagery of screensavers and desktop wallpapers. Bringing the digital into the analog realm in a literal way, Mitchell encourages us to question our relationships with personal technology and redefine our perspectives and movements within these two often competing realities.

Todd Reece Johnson

Todd Reece Johnson is an Australian artist and University lecturer who employs analog techniques to investigate malleability of the photographic image. His research interests include photography authorship, indexicality and materialism in the digital age.

Artist Marguerite Harris in front of her projected work.

Marguerite Harris

In her work, American artist Marguerite Harris merges dated techniques such as analog 35mm film material, analog projection, or video signals with newer editing and computer graphing techniques, creating hybrid installation pieces that re-imagine the traditions of Expanded Cinema and Social Art trough the lens of her Black heritage.

Dirty urban street with parka-clad photographer Donato Del Giudice hidden under the cloth of a large format camera.

Large Format Photography Workshop

Analog photography workshop by SomoS’ Artist-in-Residence Donato Del Giudice. With a large format camera 8×10, Del Giudice portrays his generation in their daily intimacy. The workshop explores the large format camera’s unique features that influence the photographic process and the quality of the resulting image, offering greater pictorial control.