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Erin Mitchell - Uncanny Valley

Erin Mitchell – Uncanny Valley

September 2-9, 2017, SomoS Art House Berlin presents the installation “Uncanny Valley” by Artist-in-Residence Erin Mitchell (USA). An extension of her previous two-dimensional work, “Uncanny Valley” continues to explore the relationships between humans and technology. The term “Uncanny Valley” was originally coined in 1970s Japan by robotics professor Masahiro Mori, it describes the eerie likeness […]

Erin Mitchell

Erin Mitchell is a mixed-media artist based in San Francisco, who takes part in a 3-month-residency in SomoS from June-September 2017. Fascinated with the idealization of nature as illustrated by computer screensavers and desktops, Mitchell will set up an immersive installation at SomoS, called “Uncanny Valley.” Erin Mitchell Her art piece will turn the gallery […]

Tropicana 404

With “Tropicana 404,” SomoS presents a group show featuring artists that peel away the veneer of sublime tropicalia to reveal the uncanny nature of a purely symbolic paradise. By juxtaposing components of leisure, holiday, and celebration with indications of avarice and artifice these artists manage to achieve an unsettling balance of sensation and cynicism. Mimicry […]