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Routine & Happiness

In their duo show, Routine & Happiness, artists Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger (Chile) & Mari Nagem (Brazil) contrast the dutiful monotony of everyday life with a quest for the idea of happiness, employing such techniques as video, sound art, multimedia, painting and installation. Mari Nagem’s work demonstrates how the idea of happiness is commodified and used […]

Sound of Routine

SomoS is pleased to introduce Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger to its Artist-in-Residence program. He will joins SomoS March-May 2018 in Berlin to concentrate on new work that critiques the expectation of instant gratification in today’s society and explores the interruption of routine. Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger was born in Santiago, Chile in 1990 and graduated with maximum […]

Expanded: 11 Female Artists from Chile to Berlin

EXPANDED – 11 Female Artists from Chile to Berlin Curated by Jacinta Besa Opening: June 8 2017, 7pm Duration: June 9–16, Tues-Sat 2–7pm, or by appointment EXPANDED is built through the work of 11 women of the same generation who invite the viewer to reflect upon displacement. In the first sense, in a more literal […]