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Cinema Conversación Open Call

For the Cinema Conversación event-series, the SomoS curatorial team is calling for submissions for LGBTQ* moving image-based projects. Background Cinema Conversación aims to bring the audience in direct dialogue with artists and filmmakers, thus creating a platform where thoughts and experiences can be shared freely and where the usual separation between spectator and artist is […]

Rah Eleh - Dear Sister

Cinema Conversación: Rah Eleh – Dear Sister

Canadian-Iranian artist Rah Eleh presented her documentary Dear Sister at SomoS as part of SomoS’ Cinema Conversación series. The documentary depictss five Iranian sisters that reunite in Istanbul after 27 years. The personal and political merge together while the conversations of these long-time separated sisters reflect on the past and memory: war, life in exile, […]

Cheryl Dunye

Filmmaker Cheryl Dunye (USA) is a native of Liberia, and holds an MFA from Rutgers University. Dunye has made over 15 films exploring the intersection of race, class and gender in the lives of queers of color.

Bruce La Bruce - Slide 039

Bruce La Bruce

In his films and art photography, Canadian filmmaker/photographer/theater director Bruce LaBruce campily eroticizes the politicized body, wrought with ideology, violence, and often politically incorrect desires. The self-described “bastard child of New Queer Cinema” is currently the subject of a MOMA film retrospective. Bruce LaBruce’s uneasy and rebellious oeuvre initially brilliantly references late 60s, early 70s […]

Media Art Salon with Telematique & U-matic

As part of the Tech Open Air festival taking place in Berlin July 17, 2014, SomoS Art house opens its doors to technology enthusiasts and art lovers alike with a media art salon evening showcasing the work of Telematique + U-matic. The Berlin-based duo will present a generative video installation titled ‘Tornado#3’ in the salon […]

Unclean In Motion

SomoS Art House dedicates its June 2014 program to the theme of “uncleanliness”. The Unclean exhibition presents works by international visual artists, performers, film makers and lecturers that deal with issues of self-identification and/or social exclusion based on common taboos and prejudices. The performance by Josip Horvat (HR) Let Him Out is dealing with the […]

Cinema Conversación

SomoS is proud to present the work of Dominican filmmaker Nelson Carlo De Los Santos in a special screening followed by an open discussion about orality and cinema. It is a given that countries that have not had the possibility of historical representation, need to rely on orality. Part of the first generation since 45 […]