Topic: Dance

Anamnesi is a collaboration between choreographer Marta Antonucci aka Kiraly, musician Eugenio Petrarca, and visual artist T.S. Sanchez. Pictured are the female dancers surrounded by an audience seated on the floor, gazing up.

Anamnesi – Interactive Performance

September 14th 2018, SomoS presents Anamnesi, an interactive and controversial performance combining elements of dance-theater, performance art, live music, and visual art, in which the audience is called to participate. The reminiscence, also called Anamnesis from Ancient Greek ἀνάμνησις, (literally, a “lifting up of the mind”) stems from Plato’s philosophy and consists of the idea […]

The Magic Thing // Objects of Desire, workshop by Replica

The Magic Thing / Objects of Desire by Replica

The Replica platform calls for workshop participants for their new workshop series “The Magic Thing // Objects of Desire.” The workshop aims to foster one-to-one collaborations between performers and technologists (creative coders, interaction designers, makers and tinkerers), and to co-devise both future work sessions and an augmented performance. Participation is free but curated — please […]

Ainsley E. Tharp

Ainsley Tharp is a recent University of Iowa Graduate with a BFA in choreography and movement practices, where she has worked with faculty members at the University; performing, collaborating, and choreographing. Recently she participated in the “Indeterminacy Festival” as projection designer, compositional improviser, and creative collaborator. While primarily a dance artist, Ainsley Tharp is drawn […]

Michiyasu Furutani

Furutani is Berlin-based Butoh dancer born in Osaka. Furutani started to develop an interest in Butoh in 1995 and has performed it since. He is a graduate of the Nihon University College of Art in Tokyo Japan in the Department of Theater. Furutani has collaborated extensively with film-makers, dancers, actors and musicians. He spent most […]

15″ Performance Cycle: Chemistry

May 13th 2017, SomoS presented the first installment of a new performance art series curated by Fecunda Lab, in which they provide a new platform for community and good-natured competition for performers, choreographers and dancers. In this playful performance tournament, the artists are invited to use the medium of performing art to express everyday life […]

Sarah Lüdemann & Adrian Brun

Sarah Lüdemann and Adrian Brun are visual artists based in Berlin. They work with various media that includes sculpture, video, performance, drawing and text to explore themes related to the body, sexuality, repetition, trauma, power struggle and surrealism. They have worked as duo several times in the past to devise durational performances and moving sculptures. […]

Ka Fai Choy: Notion Dance-Fiction, performance Tokyo

Digital Memories and New Narratives – Ka Fai Choy

Report on Digital Memories and New Narratives – Artist talk with Ka Fai Choy about his project “Prospectus for a Future Body” March 18th 2015, SomoS Ka Fai Choy is an artist from Singapore who participated in the exhibition “Future, Now.” curated by Elisa Rusca, which took place at SomoS, March 2015. The artist took […]