Topic: Gender

3D rendering of a male and female figure against a black void.

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #4

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #4 Screening & Artist Talk Featuring Lily Scherlis, Nora Smith and Anna-Lea Schmitt For the fourth edition of the Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* series of film screenings/artist’s talks, taking place Friday, January 11th 2019, 7pm, SomoS proudly presents an evening of queer cinema and conversation, curated by Zsombor Bobák. Presenting the work of […]

Scope Sessions #78

SomoS is pleased to host the 78th edition of the Scope Sessions. Scope is a meeting point for the creative and the curious, a platform for sharing and learning in an informal setting. Each session, two guest artists are invited to present a project, a concept, a process or an experience. The presentations are short, […]

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #2: Teo Vlad – Transbiology

SomoS Art House presents the performance “Transbiology” by Teo Vlad in the second installment of the Cinema Conversación program. Come to see a personal reflection on the polemics of gender identity_ies in a unique mix of film, contemporary dance, and performance. Cinema Conversación Cinema Conversación aims to bring the audience in direct dialogue with artists […]

Lyndal Walker - Remake Remodel

Lyndal Walker

Lyndal Walker’s work addresses the construction of images, gender roles and our relationship to time. Fashion, as reference, subject matter and context have been important to her work which emerges out of an ambivalent relationship to consumer culture. Walker’s artistic output is multidisciplinary, varying from installation to photography to fashion-related works and wearable art. Her […]

Casey Jenkins - Waste Not, performance, SomoS 2017 (Photo: Stef

Casey Jenkins

Jenkins is an internationally-acclaimed performance-, installation- and community engagement artist exploring concepts of intimacy and identity and the interplay between modes of power; individual and institutional, perceived and concrete. Their work ranges from meditative to disruptive and has been presented in traditional and non-conventional spaces worldwide. They often toy with and attempt to redefine structures […]

Yao Cong

Sensitive emotions have always been Yao Cong’s inspiration. He intends to explore the existing modes of gender, sexuality and identity politics. Through reconfiguring the language of desire, anxiety, and authority into a new fluid, hybrid structure, he creates immersive works which employ hazy, poetic and sharp aesthetics by diverse media such as moving image, physical […]

Maria Guta

Stéphane Morey

Stéphane Morey (CH) is visual and media anthropologist interest in gender, sexuality and pornography. Since 2012, he co-organizes the annual alternative-porn film festival “La Fête du Slip” in Lausanne. Born in Sierra Leone to a Swiss evangelical missionary family, Stéphane Morey grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he studied Social Sciences at the Université de […]

When File Found meets Quimera Rosa

Friday, October 30th 2015, 7pm SomoS hosts the performance “When File Found meets Quimera Rosa,” curated by performance artist Maria F Dolores, presented in the context of the Fixation group show on the nude body in art cinema. Free entry, above 18 only. Maria F. Dolores describes the performance as “a safe sex date between […]

Johanna Schweizer

Johanna Schweizer was born in 1946 in Enschede, Netherlands. She lives and works in Breda, Netherlands, and teaches Ceramics. In the Netherlands, Schweizer is sometimes – lazily – described as the Dutch Louise Bourgeois. This may refer to the surrealist and sexual aspects of her work; her perseverance and consistent vision; or the long time […]

Unclean Project

In ancient cultures certain animals, rituals, moral attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, sicknesses or even bodily fluids were all considered unclean. Still today, collective preconceived opinions or feelings, either favorable or unfavorable, have a great impact on society and the individual. SomoS Art House dedicates its June 2014 program to the theme of “uncleanliness”. Unclean presents works […]

J.Jackie Baier – Julia Film Reception

The reception at SomoS takes place after the Berlin premiere of J.Jackie Baier’s new documentary Julia at the Pornfilmfestival at Moviemento Cinema, opposite SomoS. Julia was premiered at the Giorni Degli Autori/Venice Days August 31, 2013 and met with instant enthusiasm and broad media interest, E. Nina Rothe of the Huffington Post eloquently remarking how […]

Rule 34

During the Berlin Pornfilmfestival, October 23-27th 2013, which, after Panorama, has become the city’s largest platform for narrative, documentary and experimental cinema about sexuality and identity, SomoS presents Rule 34, a group exhibition of similarly innovative artistic positions. In internet folklore, Rule 34 stipulates that anything thinkable can be made into porn, or probably already […]

In Between

“In Between” is a movement based performance that uses dance and actions to navigate our exploration of the “in between.” It is composed of two separate pieces which explore questions of race and gender identities. It challenges norms, the binary and established expectations in subjects that lie close to the artists’ hearts both personally and […]