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Hagoromo Okamoto

Hagoromo Okamoto

Multi-media artist Hagoromo Okamoto works across disciplines, focusing on performance and installations which incorporate photographs, films and videos. His video/performance pieces express the residues of Japanese cultural constraints, coded theatricality and symbolism, transposed to contemporary realms. In his art, he works through the cultural and personal influence of the “father figure,” its presence and its […]

Hagoromo Okamoto

Ich habe noch nicht mal gefrühstückt – Hagoromo Okamoto

The exhibition “Ich habe noch nicht mal gefrühstückt” by SomoS Artist-in-Residence Hagoromo Okamoto presents new work which the Japanese artist developed during his stay at SomoS Art House in Berlin May-July 2017. The young artist works across disciplines, focusing on performance and installations which incorporate photographs, films and videos. Believing that these visual media include […]

East West Artists Exchange

EWAAC – East West Artists Exchange

May 18-22, EWAAC’s East West Artists Exchange takes place at SomoS, organized and curated by the London based EWAAC art exchange organization. With its its East-West Art Bridge initiative, EWAAC is since 18 years active in organizing worldwide exhibitions, workshops, competitions and artist-in-residence opportunities for its members. Participating artists are Chuuu, Takuya Kurihara, Yoko Naito, […]

There and Here - Ink Agop

Ink Agop

Ink Agop is a Japanese video/multimedia artist based in Berlin, creating video productions as well as video installations. She is involved in ongoing collaborations with performers, choreographers and musicians. Her themes include Techno-Shamanism; the relation between nature, culture, and technique, and the tribal and mystical expressed through the digital. Agop’s highly personal and instantly recognizable […]

Overlooking I - Ink Agop

Overlooking I – Ink Agop

Berlin-based Japanese multimedia artist Ink Agop‘s solo exhibition “Overlooking I” at SomoS Art House is founded on the performances she developed and recorded during her 2014-2015 ComPeung Artist-in-Residency at Chiang Mai, Thailand, on the theme of Shamanism. This project accumulates in the “Overlooking I” installation, consisting of video projection and kinetic sculptures made out of […]

Tokyo Short Art Film Screening

From 5 – 21st June 2015, the TOKYO art crossing BERLIN festival comes to Berlin, presenting exhibitions, workshops, screenings, book presentations at eight art locations all over Berlin. As part of the official TOKYO art crossing BERLIN program, SomoS is pleased to host, on Friday, June 19th 2015, an evening of innovative short Tokyo art […]

From Cuteness to Knowingness

During the Pictoplasma Festival, SomoS presents drawings, painting, collage, video and performance by Japanese artists Hiroki Otsuka, Kinya Hanada, Hoji Tsuchiya, Kurihara Takuya and SHOXXX. A liberated application of graphic techniques, and a fresh interpretation of themes like heritage, pop cultural characters and self-presentation characterize the artists’ work. Opening reception: Wednesday April 30, 19:00 Feat. […]