Topic: Korean Artist

Since 2012, the staff of SomoS Art House Berlin has enjoyed working together with an increasing number of Korean artists, supporting their art or research projects as part of its artist residency program and ambitious exhibition schedule.

Ranging from artists involved in painting, sculpture, installation art, video, film, music, media-art, to curating or food-art, the creatives come from a wide range of backgrounds, including post-graduates and emerging artists.

Kang Dasom

Kang Dasom, born 1994 in South Korea, works in painting and sculpture. The fundamental theme of her work is the desire for the dignity of life. In her view, technocratic modern life, which places capital and productivity in the center of all values, has become universal and has resulted in the loss of humanity, and […]

Wonju Kim

Healing the Process – WonJu Kim Interview

Soft sculpture, waste, artistic cooperation, cultural differences, healing and spirituality – Danielle Reid spoke with current SomoS Artist-in-Residence, South Korean artist Wonju Kim about her soft sculpture/fiber art which will be presented in her solo exhibition Healing the Process at SomoS, opening November 21, 6-9pm. In Healing the Process, Kim illuminates the journey of her […]

WonJu Kim – Healing the Process – Solo Exhibition

SomoS is proud to present Healing the Process, a solo exhibition by soft sculpture/fiber artist WonJu Kim, produced in Berlin to conclude her three-month participation in the SomoS Artist-in-Residence program. In Healing the Process, Kim illuminates the journey of her recuperation from injuries caused by a car accident and its very tangible impact on her […]

Korean Cooking Workshop

Korean Cooking Workshop

Thursday 14th July 2016, from 5 – 9pm, SomoS hosts a Korean Cooking Workshop with Minjung Kang. It will be held at the spacious kitchen of SomoS Art House, and offers up to eight participants the opportunity to explore a Korean interpretation of Asian dishes using local fresh ingredients.