Topic: Landscape

Areal painting of San Leandro Airportscape.

Mikhail Haramati

Mikhail Haramati (b.1982) is an American painter based in Sacramento, CA, USA. She is interested in the often dramatic environmental impact of the unseen physical processes that keep industrialized societies going. Drawing from her memory and her own photographs, Haramati uses a vocabulary that updates the genre of traditional landscape painting, with references to early […]

Klaus Hu – Unsettled Landscapes

Klaus Hu’s solo exhibition Unsettled Landscapes at SomoS in May 2015 presented the culmination of the past few years of the artist’s research into land use and reclamation in the American Southwest. The multimedia presentations featured large-scale works on canvas, using different techniques to recount the artist’s ambivalent perception of this uniquely grand and yet […]