Topic: Language

Writer Talk & Reading – Angela Flury

August 10th 2017, 7pm, SomoS artist-in-residence Angela Flury will read from the manuscript of her debut novel Berlin Cards & Crimes, which she is writing in and about Berlin. Flury, also a professor of English and world literature at Depauw University, will take the opportunity to discuss her creative writing process and look at contemporary […]

urban reflection in rain water

Language Matters #1: Reflexive – Alê Baptista & Syed Mahmood

Between July 14 – 22 2017 SomoS presents the work of Alexandre Baptista (Brazil) and Syed Shoaib Mahmood (India) in “Reflexive,” the first installment of SomoS’ new exhibition series “Language Matters.” Both artists have prepared their work at SomoS as part of their Berlin Artist-in-Residence. Mahmood and Baptista share an interest in language, translation, wordplay, […]

Mother Tongue – Iman Person

On Friday May 5th, 2017, SomoS presented “Mother Tongue,” a performance by American performance artist Iman Person that centers on primordial language carried out through a series of runes and the artist’s body. The piece invokes moments of latent understanding through gesture to create a space for the boundaries of language to fall away and […]