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Performance artist Alison Matthews in a classical Greek dress in front of two audience members.

The Cabaret is a Prison / The Cabaret is a Paradise

In every song there is a distance. The song is not distant, but distance is one of its ingredients.John Berger, Confabulations   ‘The Cabaret is a Prison / The Cabaret is a Paradise’ (a meditation on The Ballad of Isosceles) What happens when we experience somebody singing to us? On June 26, performance artist, writer […]

AIR Meetup: GlogauAIR at SomoS

The AIR Network Meetup is an opportunity for resident artists from Artist-in-Residence(AIR) initiatives in Berlin to connect, support and network in an informal way. The format of the gathering can range from lectures, artist talks, work demos, to studio visits. The concept is to provide a forum for visiting artists to get to know each […]

Hunting the Stolen Billions

Hunting the Stolen Billions

The World Bank estimates that US$1-1.6 trillion every year is lost from developing countries due to corruption, tax evasion and criminal activities, eclipsing development aid and hampering efforts to meet the Global Sustainable Development Goals. This theft is supported by professionals in the banking, financial and legal spheres who, as the Panama Papers showed, use […]

Spherical Revolution – Pedro Zaz

The lecture “Spherical Revolution – The Past, Present, and Future of Fulldome and VR” by new-media artist Pedro Zaz at SomoS provides a fascinating and fun ride through the history of 360° dome projection and VR. New-media technologies, psychedelic visuals, and the ’80s club culture all come together in this unique presentation. Beyond the history […]

Facets of Iran

Facets of Iran

The rose and the thorn, and sorrow and gladness are linked together.Saadi Shirazi   With their group exhibition “Facets of Iran,” artists Jon John Arias, Mike Marlowe & Paul King ask “Can we meet others as people and not projections of our romantic notions or our worst nightmares?” “Facets of Iran” reflects the experiences of […]

Pedro Bustamante – Sacrificial Rituals in Capitalist Religion

A video-supported lecture in by artist/activist/theoretician Pedro Bustamante (PHD candidate, Superior Technical School of Architecture, Madrid) as part of SomoS’ Unclean project. The theme “Uncleanliness” is of great interest to Pedro Bustamante. He thinks that it needs to be discussed in the broader phenomenon of the sacrifices or the “scapegoat mechanism” as René Girard put […]