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Ricardo Ferreira

Internationally active as both skilled electronic music artist, producer and dj as well as inventive installation artist, SomoS co-founder Ricardo Ferreira (Seoul/Porto/Berlin) is continually perfecting his electronic music crafts. Under the moniker B.I.S.C.A.T.E, Ricardo Ferreira collaborated with Andre Wakko, producing minimal electronic tracks. He has worked together with Tiago Oudman since 2007. He has performed […]

MIscha Tangian

Mischa Tangian

Born in Moscow in 1988, Mischa Tangian has worked widely as a performer, violinist, pianist, composer and conductor. He has organized concerts and arts events in Düsseldorf (Festival Nacht der Neuen Musik, Quadriennale Düsseldorf), London (DAAD alumni exhibition 2013) and Maastricht (Klanken Festival). Tangian studied composition with Manfred Trojahn at the Robert Schumann Conservatory in […]

MIscha Tangian

Mischa Tangian – Unclean Music

Between sound and noise, there is a large zone of ambiguity. The project Unclean Music explores this void. The accomplished young performer, violinist, pianist, composer and conductor Mischa Tangian uses the the classically “beautiful sound” of the violin to create and improvise new acoustic forms. A musical guided tour through SomoS’ Unclean exhibition by the […]

Entertainment for the Braindead

Finissage/Concert: Julia Kotowski – Entertainment for the Braindead As part of the “First came the clowns” exhibition at SomoS. Entertainment for the Braindead is a Berlin based one woman lo-fi orchestra. Since 2007 Julia Kotowski has been writing and publishing songs, gathering guitars and banjos, ukuleles, flutes and other little items to accompany her voice […]