Topic: Painting

SomoS Arts Berlin has presented painting in its exhibitions in a broad array of themes and styles, ranging from portraiture to abstract, from neotraditional to pop or post-internet.

Nothing Special written i gray and white font on a velvet-like black background.

B-LA Connect Festival – SomoS Hosts Nothing Special

SomoS is delighted to host “Nothing Special,” as part of “B-LA Connect,” an international project in which 20 Art Spaces form LA engage in a cultural exchange with 22 Art Spaces in Berlin. The exhibition curated by Frank J. Stockton, features Veronique D’Entremont, Mark Flores, Julienne Fusello, Will Wasserman, William E. Jones, Elle Perez and Frank J. Stockton.

Routine & Happiness

In their duo show, Routine & Happiness, artists Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger (Chile) & Mari Nagem (Brazil) contrast the dutiful monotony of everyday life with a quest for the idea of happiness, employing such techniques as video, sound art, multimedia, painting and installation. Mari Nagem’s work demonstrates how the idea of happiness is commodified and used […]

Jen Liu - The Pink Detachment

Jen Liu: The Pink Detachment

From August 17-27, 2016 SomoS presents a solo exhibition of large-scale watercolors and video by New York-based visual artist Jen Liu. The show is curated by Lawinia Rate, organizer of the popular and thought-provoking Queer film event series “Attaque(e)r le visible” taking place at La Mutinerie in Paris, France. This occasion is centered around Jen Liu’s […]

Götter Glamor – Nika Fontaine

Nika Fontaine’s glitter paintings on view at the Götter Glamor exhibition at SomoS Berlin titillatingly contrast lyrical spirituality with glamor and kitsch. The works by the young Berlin-based Canadian artist are presented in a coherent installation consisting of glitter canvasses and objects which emphasize Fine Art Painting’s roots in cult, myth and religion. It synthesizes […]