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Female sea monsters in a large mixed media work on paper by Korean feminist artist Black Jaguar.

Black Jaguar

SomoS Artist-in-Residence October-December 2019 Black Jaguar is a South-Korean feminist activist and multidisciplinary artist, whose work is strongly rooted in the political aim of identifying and subverting patriarchy. Her art encompasses performance, photography, fashion and drawing, which she brings together with a bold, expressive and disruptive style.

Performance artist Alison Matthews in a classical Greek dress in front of two audience members.

The Cabaret is a Prison / The Cabaret is a Paradise

In every song there is a distance. The song is not distant, but distance is one of its ingredients.John Berger, Confabulations   ‘The Cabaret is a Prison / The Cabaret is a Paradise’ (a meditation on The Ballad of Isosceles) What happens when we experience somebody singing to us? On June 26, performance artist, writer […]

Young artist Jacob Anthony dressed in jockstrap performing in gallery in a huge field of roses.

Wild Lion – Jacob Antony (AUS)

SomoS Arts Berlin is proud to present “Wild Lion,” a one-off solo performance by Brisbane-based Australian artist Jacob Antony, a SomoS Artist-in-Residence, early 2019. The performance’s title ”Wild Lion” suggests fierceness, courage and power, attributes that are an integral part of queer existence, coming forth naturally from an “other” life, not marked by thoughtless assumptions, […]

Theater performance in which a cameraman in stylish tracksuit films a bald shaven young man crawling on all fours.

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #5: Zander Porter

For the fifth edition of its Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* moving-image series curated by Zsombor Bobák, SomoS proudly presents a hybrid evening of artist talk, performance, and video-art with Zander Porter. Cinema Conversación is a series of screenings and discussions that focuses on LGBTQ* experiences and provides a platform to challenge and question rigid boundaries within […]

Performance artist in font of audience in art gallery.

Vorspiel 2019: Affect/Effect – Performance Prosthesis

Within the framework of Vorspiel 2019, the official yearly preliminary program leading up to the Berlin Transmediale, SomoS Art House presents a day of performance art curated by Zander Porter of XenoEntities Network. The presented performances explore the topic of technological tools as prosthetics; interpreting them as enabling-devices for performance and for identity construction within the performative space.

Becky O’Brien

Becky O’Brien is a London based choreographer and dance artist, originally from Ireland. Her creative work varies from performance art to choreographed dance work. She explores themes of gender, identity and sexuality, using a queer/feminist approach. In her performances, O’Brien uses her body as a political force to question the construction of her own identity […]

Allesandré Petzer's Black & White photo made in Berlin Charlottenburg presents a grainy architectural detail.

Alessandré Petzer

Summer 2018, South African print- and performance artist Alessandré Petzer took part in SomoS’ Visiting Researchers Residency. As a multidisciplinary artist, her work spans media such as etching and photography, and also imbues performative elements to sculpture, painting and printmaking.

Anamnesi is a collaboration between choreographer Marta Antonucci aka Kiraly, musician Eugenio Petrarca, and visual artist T.S. Sanchez. Pictured are the female dancers surrounded by an audience seated on the floor, gazing up.

Anamnesi – Interactive Performance

September 14th 2018, SomoS presents Anamnesi, an interactive and controversial performance combining elements of dance-theater, performance art, live music, and visual art, in which the audience is called to participate. The reminiscence, also called Anamnesis from Ancient Greek ἀνάμνησις, (literally, a “lifting up of the mind”) stems from Plato’s philosophy and consists of the idea […]

Lara Salmon performing in a pink colored space.

Lara Salmon

Lara Salmon (1987) is an artist from San Diego, California, who works and lives in Los Angeles. She received her BA from the University of California Berkeley and her MFA from Claermont Graduate University. During her studies at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, she was introduced to Performance art. This medium became central to […]

Set of the Disrupter X "anti-opera" showing props, video projection and instruments.

PALA Talk: The Disrupter X Project

Within the public program of PALA Lab – Collective Affairs, a laboratory for collaborative and participatory artistic practices initiated and curated by Zona Dynamic / Vincent Chomaz & Eliza Goldox, SomoS hosts and artist talk with The Disrupter X Project is an ongoing collaboration between Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi and Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum. The artists liberally […]

Lara Salmon performing in a pink colored space.

Lara Salmon

SomoS is pleased to introduce Lara Salmon to its Artist-in-Residence program. The Los Angeles-based artist joins SomoS residency program June-August 2018 in Berlin to expand on her performance work centering on the relationship between longstanding communities and recent migrants to the city. Observing how different cultures are learning to live together, Salmon focuses her project […]

The Magic Thing // Objects of Desire, workshop by Replica

The Magic Thing / Objects of Desire by Replica

The Replica platform calls for workshop participants for their new workshop series “The Magic Thing // Objects of Desire.” The workshop aims to foster one-to-one collaborations between performers and technologists (creative coders, interaction designers, makers and tinkerers), and to co-devise both future work sessions and an augmented performance. Participation is free but curated — please […]

Zander Porter - alias-personae-Live1, vide/performance

Zander Porter

Zander Porter is a visual artist, performer, and curator from Los Angeles, currently based in Berlin. Porter uses media such as photography, digital media, performance and video. His work is based on his interest in social and collective vs. individuated identity in the digital age.

Photo of an installation by Boris Alexander Knop in a rural setting.

Boris Alexander Knop

Boris Alexander Knop is a playwright, director and poet based in Berlin. He received his MA from the University of Leipzig where he studied theatrical science and political science. From 2002 on he worked as a director for theatre in Dortmund and städtische Bühnen Münster. In 2007 he started his collaboration with renowned Norwegian-Danish artists […]

Casey Jenkins - Waste Not, performance, SomoS 2017 (Photo: Stef

Waste Not – Casey Jenkins

November 2nd 2017, 1-8 PM, SomoS presented ‘Waste Not,’ a durational performance piece by internationally-acclaimed artist Casey Jenkins as she concluded a condensed 2-month residency at SomoS. Jenkins presented a slow-build durational performance and installation over the course of 6 hours, culminating (at 7pm) with a 10-minute audience participation segment and, finally, a short artist […]

Agnes Tam & Michiyasu Furutani – Lamentation

Lamentation – Agnes Tam & Michiyasu Furutani “Lamentation,” Tam & Furutani’s contribution, especially developed for The Beholder group exhibition, is a Butoh performance piece presenting a prostitute’s monologue. In the piece, the body is framed as representation of group identity entrapped between visibility and invisibility under the societal gaze. The conscious scrutiny of the relationship […]

Ainsley E. Tharp

Ainsley Tharp is a recent University of Iowa Graduate with a BFA in choreography and movement practices, where she has worked with faculty members at the University; performing, collaborating, and choreographing. Recently she participated in the “Indeterminacy Festival” as projection designer, compositional improviser, and creative collaborator. While primarily a dance artist, Ainsley Tharp is drawn […]

Elena Tejada-Herrera

Elena Tejada-Herrera is a trans-disciplinary artist that was born in Peru and is known for her work in performance-, social- and multidisciplinary arts. Her work promotes the participation of the public, employing different art disciplines as well as non-artistic practices into the artwork. These means have been, among others, paint, drawing, video, sculpting materials and […]


TK is an award-winning lighting, video and interactive artist. He is based in Berlin and Sydney. A central theme of his practice is empowering participants with new abilities and perspectives. He often works with people with disabilities and marginalized communities to explore how technology can empower these groups. DLO is a Berlin based performance artist. […]

Gaby Bila-Günther aka Lady Gaby

Gaby Bila-Günther, aka Lady Gaby, is a Berlin-based spoken word, performance, and visual artist dubbed ‘the Peaches of spoken word’ in Berlin, ‘oddly poetic, flamboyant and upbeat’ by The Age Paper in Melbourne and ‘provocative’ by The Pill in Prague. Lady Gaby, originally hailing from Romania, eventually oriented herself in Berlin’s vibrant art scene by […]

The Beholder

Within “The Beholder” group exhibition, organized in conjunction with the acclaimed PornFilmFestival Berlin, SomoS Art House presents performative projects and ephemeral installations as critical responses to the notions of erotic fantasy, consumption of images, and the spectatorship and voyeurism of sexuality in our mediated society. “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder” is a […]

Neues Dasein

Neues Dasein – Virtual Reality and New Ways of Being

Between June 23-25, 2017 SomoS presents the group exhibition “Neues Dasein” in which four international artists, Isabel Ramos (UK), Anais Hazo (FR/USA), Miriam van Beurden (NL), and Kalle Kuikkaniemi (FIN) set up immersive performative installations to explore concepts surrounding the self, human interaction and simulation. Through (virtual) reality simulations, the “Neues Dasein” group show celebrates […]

Thessia Machado

Thessia Machado – Telix

SomoS is pleased to announce the Sound-art installation and performance series “Telix” by visual/sound artist, instrument builder and composer Thessia Machado (US/BR), presented at the SomoS gallery space from May 17th – 20th 2017. The event takes place within the framework of Thessia Machado’s “Inga Maren Otto Fellowship in Music Composition” of The American Academy […]

Introducing New SomoS Artist-in-Residence Isabel Ramos

SomoS is happy to welcome visual artist Isabel Ramos (UK) to its Artist-in-Residence program. The young artist works across disciplines, employing and combining mediums such as video, VR, performance, choreography and installation. Ramos uses the body to explore its position and traces in our increasingly accelerating technological age. She develops solo projects as well as […]

Isabel Ramos

Isabel Ramos

Visual artist Isabel Ramos works in a multi-disciplinary way, employing and combining mediums such as video, New-Media, VR, participatory performance, choreography and installation. Ramos uses the body to explore its position and traces in our increasingly accelerating technological age. She develops solo projects as well as working as part of the UK based “Keiken Collective.” […]

15″ Performance Cycle: Chemistry

May 13th 2017, SomoS presented the first installment of a new performance art series curated by Fecunda Lab, in which they provide a new platform for community and good-natured competition for performers, choreographers and dancers. In this playful performance tournament, the artists are invited to use the medium of performing art to express everyday life […]

Iman Person

Iman Person is an interdisciplinary artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Employing ritual consciousness, primordial memory and referencing anthropological customs, she makes use of natural materials to create a hybrid reality between physical space and the ethereal. May 5th 2017, Iman Person presented her performance Mother Tongue at SomoS. As Person describes, Mother Tongue involves moments […]

Mother Tongue – Iman Person

On Friday May 5th, 2017, SomoS presented “Mother Tongue,” a performance by American performance artist Iman Person that centers on primordial language carried out through a series of runes and the artist’s body. The piece invokes moments of latent understanding through gesture to create a space for the boundaries of language to fall away and […]

Natusha Croes

Could that last sentence be the title? – Natusha Croes

During Gallery Weekend Berlin, April 29th 2017, 6-9pm, SomoS presents “Could that last sentence be the title?” – a multi media performance, short film screening and book launch by artist Natusha Croes (Aruba), who has been an artists in residence at SomoS for the last three months. The Caribbean artist has been developing experimental musical […]

natusha croes performance

The Heart Shall Be in the Title – Natusha Croes Performance

On the 28th of March 2017, SomoS presents the work of one of its current residents, multi-media artist Natusha Croes who has arrived in Berlin from Aruba. The young artist creates music compositions with a visual affinity; manipulating the sound of organic pieces through digital means such as loop machines and music production softwares. This […]

Natusha Croes

Introducing SomoS AIR Natusha Croes

Somos is excited to welcome its latest Artist-In-Residence Natusha Croes, who has joined us from Aruba. Natusha Croes During her three month stay at SomoS, Natusha Croes is developing a new Berlin piece marrying unconventional music production, performance, poetics and storytelling through the interaction with inanimate objects found in her environment. Visual artist/composer Hans Muller […]

Hypernatural Sounds #4: Objet Autre

Hypernatural Sounds #4: Objet Autre – Performances/Q&A

With Hypernatural Sounds #4: Objet Autre, SomoS is proud to host another issue of the HYPERNATURAL SERIES: THE PHILOSOPHY OF SOUNDS, curated by Pedro Lopes & Desiree Förster as part of the official Transmediale Vorspiel program. The HYPERNATURAL SERIES: THE PHILOSOPHY OF SOUNDS is a series of performances and discussions which brings together musicians and […]

Sarah Lüdemann & Adrian Brun

Sarah Lüdemann and Adrian Brun are visual artists based in Berlin. They work with various media that includes sculpture, video, performance, drawing and text to explore themes related to the body, sexuality, repetition, trauma, power struggle and surrealism. They have worked as duo several times in the past to devise durational performances and moving sculptures. […]

Custom Paradise Open Call

Open Call: Custom Paradise

Open Call: ‘Custom Paradise’ Exhibition October 2016 Custom Paradise Open Call 2016 Organized by SomoS Art House Deadline: August 31, 2016 Application Fee: none Organized in conjunction with the acclaimed Porn FilmFestival Berlin, now in its 11th year, SomoS Art House is calling for submissions for performative projects and ephemeral installations as critical responses to […]

When File Found meets Quimera Rosa

Friday, October 30th 2015, 7pm SomoS hosts the performance “When File Found meets Quimera Rosa,” curated by performance artist Maria F Dolores, presented in the context of the Fixation group show on the nude body in art cinema. Free entry, above 18 only. Maria F. Dolores describes the performance as “a safe sex date between […]

LOVE. – Lisa Stertz

There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love. – Erich Fromm, “The Art of Loving” Love cannot be rationalized. Over and over again it is contextualized by society where one is implored towards romance but also warned against it. […]

Howl Projects

June 23 – 28th 2015, SomoS presents the grand finale of Howl Projects creative sojourn in Berlin. Four Howl Projects artists, Pete Murgatroyd, Chris Odgers, Jimp, Mr Mead, have prepared new original material which will be exhibited alongside live drawing events and ongoing mural painting sessions at SomoS main exhibition space. Special events can be […]

Ka Fai Choy: Notion Dance-Fiction, performance Tokyo

Digital Memories and New Narratives – Ka Fai Choy

Report on Digital Memories and New Narratives – Artist talk with Ka Fai Choy about his project “Prospectus for a Future Body” March 18th 2015, SomoS Ka Fai Choy is an artist from Singapore who participated in the exhibition “Future, Now.” curated by Elisa Rusca, which took place at SomoS, March 2015. The artist took […]

Lan Hungh

Performance artist Lan Hungh works in a variety of media; performance, video, music and installation, through which he demonstrates a passion for psychology and the physical, and the way language and actions influence them. Hungh often places himself and his works in an architectural and environmental context, while exploring eroticism and the body politic in […]


Musician, writer and performance artist Nicholas Curry a.k.a. Momus (the name refers to the Greek deity  of mockery, godess of writers and poets) has over the course of the last 30 years developed a quirky re-imagining of the singer-songwriter format. With his highly literary song texts, writing and blogging, Currie places himself in the tradition […]

Lynn Book

Lynn Book is a transmedia artist working across disciplines and cultural spheres through performative, material, digital and electronic modes to make performance, exhibition, media works, public projects and encounters. As a disciplinary immigrant, her work takes shape in city sites and galleries, in clubs, fields and concert halls and centers on the transformational potentials between […]

Madeline Stillwell

American-born and educated artist Madeline Stillwell’s performances, sculptures and installations have been presented at art institutions in Sweden, Germany and North America. Stillwell lectures extensively as a visiting artist and currently teaches performance at several international institutions. She lives and works in Berlin. Madeline Stillwell’s “Gestural Sculptures,” presented in SomoS 2014 group show Saturation and […]

Mischa Badasyan

Mischa Badasyan was born on February 25th 1988 in Rostov on Don, Russia. His father and mother are both Armenian. He studied Political Science at Rostov´s South University and has been working in organizations engaged in social, human rights, LGBT and environmental issues since an early age. It has made a huge impact on him […]

Voin de Voin

Bulgarian artist Voin de Voin’s extensive academical studies encompass visual art, dance, film and performance arts. Already a noted performance artist, Voin appreciates performance art for its ability to freely flux and mix all other arts; its immediacy and riskiness; and the special way it interacts with the audience. In the artists own words, “performance […]

MIscha Tangian

Mischa Tangian

Born in Moscow in 1988, Mischa Tangian has worked widely as a performer, violinist, pianist, composer and conductor. He has organized concerts and arts events in Düsseldorf (Festival Nacht der Neuen Musik, Quadriennale Düsseldorf), London (DAAD alumni exhibition 2013) and Maastricht (Klanken Festival). Tangian studied composition with Manfred Trojahn at the Robert Schumann Conservatory in […]

MIscha Tangian

Mischa Tangian – Unclean Music

Between sound and noise, there is a large zone of ambiguity. The project Unclean Music explores this void. The accomplished young performer, violinist, pianist, composer and conductor Mischa Tangian uses the the classically “beautiful sound” of the violin to create and improvise new acoustic forms. A musical guided tour through SomoS’ Unclean exhibition by the […]


Participants in SomoS’ Unclean Project, performance artists collective Richter/Meyer/Marx (Berlin) explores the area between theory and movement. They are looking for ways of expression beyond the word and writing, and interact with public space by way of movement and dance. The performance Richter/Meyer/Marx presented at SomoS, “Repair Move” (2014) was nominated for the “Premio Arte […]

Performance: The Last Supper

Friday February 28th, 2014, 7pm, SomoS presents a participatory performance by Voin de Voin at the occasion of the artist’s departure from Berlin. Bulgarian artist Voin de Voin’s extensive academical studies encompass visual art, dance, film and performance arts. Already a prolific performance artist, Voin appreciates performance art for its ability to freely flux and […]

In Between

“In Between” is a movement based performance that uses dance and actions to navigate our exploration of the “in between.” It is composed of two separate pieces which explore questions of race and gender identities. It challenges norms, the binary and established expectations in subjects that lie close to the artists’ hearts both personally and […]


The performance by Mischa Badasyan & Ksenia Telepova investigates the point of contact between two people, questioning the fluctuating borders of the relationship between them. Exploring how they may change from caring to the exertion of power, from tenderness to violence, from freedom to suppression. BLOW-BLEW-BLOWN Two solitudes – one disappointment Two first words – […]