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Kama Sokolnicka

Kama Sokolnicka

SomoS Artist-in-Residence Spring 2017, visual artist Kama Sokolnicka was born 1978 in Wroclaw, Poland. She works in painting, drawing, collage, video, books, and site-specific installations. Poetically incorporating various fields of reference in her work, ranging from cosmology to philosophy and sociological syndromes, Sokolnicka’s conceptual metaphysical approach makes use of the principles of collage and montage, […]

SomoS Studio II

New Artist-in-Residence Agnieszka Rowińska

Agnieszka Rowińska joined SomoS Art House in January to begin her three-month residency. A recent graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Agnieszka is also from Warsaw and comes to Berlin in order to focus on a project that combines the disciplines of painting and new media through the application of a site-specific installation […]