Topic: Post-Internet Art

Portrait of Berlin-based South-Korean artist Jiyeon Kim speaking about her work, sitting in her atelier.

From Selfie to Story

In this SomoS artist interview, we present South-Korean artist Jiyeon Kim who divides her time between Seoul and Berlin. She speaks about portraiture in the digital era, and the relation between online images and real life painting. The interview was conducted during Kim’s artist residency at SomoS early 2020, and published at the occasion of her solo exhibition Meme Paintings, June 9th until July 18th 2020.

View in the Personae exhibition at SomoS Art House, with digital paintings, video installations.

Personae – Behavior & Authenticity

June 2018 SomoS presented the Personae group show, as part of that year’s Berlin 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival. Connecting the Internet’s queering of identity with Hannah Arendt’s thoughts on the performativity of the self, artists Edurne Herrán, Jonas Blume, Lyndal Walker, Stacie Ant, Zander Porter, Boris Alexander Knop reflected on authenticity in the digital age.

Mari Nagem

Mari Nagem (b. Belo Horizonte, 1984) lives and works in São Paulo. She received a master’s degree in visual arts from the Haute École d’Art et Design de Genève. Her current work explores the artificiality of landscapes and human interventions, investigating the transformations of the environment through technology and by capturing images using digital media. […]

Screen saver forest wallpaper pasted in a gallery

Erin Mitchell – Uncanny Valley

In her installation Uncanny Valley, American Multi-media artist Erin Mitchell transformed SomoS’ exhibition space into an immersive installation that physically recreated the idealized natural imagery of screensavers and desktop wallpapers. Bringing the digital into the analog realm in a literal way, Mitchell encourages us to question our relationships with personal technology and redefine our perspectives and movements within these two often competing realities.


Choy Ka Fai, Ryo Kato, Yulia Kazakova, Li Hui, Jelena Martinovic, Hojun Song, Elisa Storelli Curated by Elisa Rusca, the group show “Future, Now.” occupies itself with the presence of science fiction in contemporary art. Focusing on the work of seven young international artists, the exhibition celebrates the future in its multiplicities. Artists: Choy Ka […]