Topic: Projection

From Media-artists exploring analog techniques such slide- and film projection; VJ’s pioneering the Fulldome phenomenon, Super8 filmmakers from 1980’s Berlin; or Club-artists working at the cross-section between electronic music and video – projection as an art form is an ongoing fascination at SomoS over the years.

A reflected, symmetrically distorted image mage of media-artist Jonas Blume, gazing dryly into the camera.

Jonas Blume

Jonas Blume is a Berlin-based conceptual video and installation artist. His art is centered around the theme of the relationship between online and offline self, and how existence in each realm spawns a multidimensional identity that is neither entirely virtual, nor limited to IRL (in real life) personae. When an individual can exist as multiple […]

Pedro Ferreira

Pedro Ferreira, born in Portugal in 1988, is a Berlin-based media artist. He works primarily with experimental and documentary film, video installation and performance. In his work, he explores found footage concepts to reconsider technologies and their failures and expose media materiality. His personal documentary work examines contemporary social issues in an attempt to comprehend […]

Pedro Zaz

Pedro Zaz

Pedro Zaz is a New-Media artist and VJ working with fulldome / immersive cinema, video projection mapping, television, and audio-visual performance. Zaz is co-founder of the international video artist group United VJs. “United VJs” creatively integrates the digital arts employing Video Projection Mapping, architecture, optical illusions, Fulldome Projection (digital planetariums), software programming, sound and video […]

Spherical Revolution – Pedro Zaz

The lecture “Spherical Revolution – The Past, Present, and Future of Fulldome and VR” by new-media artist Pedro Zaz at SomoS provides a fascinating and fun ride through the history of 360° dome projection and VR. New-media technologies, psychedelic visuals, and the ’80s club culture all come together in this unique presentation. Beyond the history […]

There and Here - Ink Agop

Ink Agop

Ink Agop is a Japanese video/multimedia artist based in Berlin, creating video productions as well as video installations. She is involved in ongoing collaborations with performers, choreographers and musicians. Her themes include Techno-Shamanism; the relation between nature, culture, and technique, and the tribal and mystical expressed through the digital. Agop’s highly personal and instantly recognizable […]