Topic: Queer

Exhibitions, performances, readings and other events at SomoS dedicated to queer themes.

Science Fiction-like landscape with mountains in green and purple.

Open Call: Futureless

For the upcoming “Futureless” group exhibition, taking place between April 1 and 9 at SomoS Berlin, the SomoS curatorial team is calling for ephemeral installations, durational art pieces, performative lectures/projects as well as discourse-based work and other art forms that deal with topics related to queer/feminist futures.

Teiko Zheng portrays queer Berlin queer migrants, 3 photos of 25-year old gay young men from Berlin.

Chinese Photographer Teiko Zheng (US) Explores Queer Berlin Migration

Press Release: photography, documentary, Berlin, writing, queer migration Chicago-Based Chinese Photographer Teiko Zheng Explores Queer Berlin Migration Exhibition of photography and writing by Teiko Zheng Exhibition title: 25 Opening: Tuesday, August 20, 6-9pm Duration – August 21-24, Tuesday-Saturday 2-7 and by appointment SomoS Art House – Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.0G, 10967, Berlin (U8 – Schönleinstraße) […]

Young artist Jacob Anthony dressed in jockstrap performing in gallery in a huge field of roses.

Wild Lion – Jacob Antony (AUS)

SomoS Arts Berlin is proud to present “Wild Lion,” a one-off solo performance by Brisbane-based Australian artist Jacob Antony, a SomoS Artist-in-Residence, early 2019. The performance’s title ”Wild Lion” suggests fierceness, courage and power, attributes that are an integral part of queer existence, coming forth naturally from an “other” life, not marked by thoughtless assumptions, […]

Collage combining a withered rose with technological structures.

Scope Sessions #80

SomoS hosts the 80th edition of the Scope Sessions Artist’s Talk and Media Salon, presenting artists Sofia Crespo & Florence Razoux. Discussed will be topics such as the relation between Art & Science, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Sustainability in Science & Art, Biopolitics, Queer politics and Feminism.

Theater performance in which a cameraman in stylish tracksuit films a bald shaven young man crawling on all fours.

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #5: Zander Porter

For the fifth edition of its Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* moving-image series curated by Zsombor Bobák, SomoS proudly presents a hybrid evening of artist talk, performance, and video-art with Zander Porter. Cinema Conversación is a series of screenings and discussions that focuses on LGBTQ* experiences and provides a platform to challenge and question rigid boundaries within […]

3D rendering of a male and female figure against a black void.

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #4

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #4 Screening & Artist Talk Featuring Lily Scherlis, Nora Smith and Anna-Lea Schmitt For the fourth edition of the Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* series of film screenings/artist’s talks, taking place Friday, January 11th 2019, 7pm, SomoS proudly presents an evening of queer cinema and conversation, curated by Zsombor Bobák. Presenting the work of […]

Scope Sessions #78

SomoS is pleased to host the 78th edition of the Scope Sessions. Scope is a meeting point for the creative and the curious, a platform for sharing and learning in an informal setting. Each session, two guest artists are invited to present a project, a concept, a process or an experience. The presentations are short, […]

Michael Sven Meier

A participant in SomoS’ current group exhibition Un_Becoming, multidisciplinary artist Michael Sven Meier was born 1992 in Erlangen (Germany) and lives and works in Berlin and Nürnberg. His conceptual, radical queer approach employs techniques such as photo- and video installation, performance, and artist books. After studying Art History and Jewish Studies at Freie Universität Berlin […]

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #2: Teo Vlad – Transbiology

SomoS Art House presents the performance “Transbiology” by Teo Vlad in the second installment of the Cinema Conversación program. Come to see a personal reflection on the polemics of gender identity_ies in a unique mix of film, contemporary dance, and performance. Cinema Conversación Cinema Conversación aims to bring the audience in direct dialogue with artists […]

Noah Fields – WITH, Poetry Book Launch/Reading

Wednesday July 11th 2018 SomoS Art House Berlin hosts the launch of Noah Fields’ new poetry chapbook WITH, published by Ghost City Press, Syracuse, NY. Noah Fields is a Chicago-based queer and nonbinary poet, playwright, and musician originally from California, who recently completed their Bachelor of Arts from Brown University in Literary Arts and Gender […]

Zander Porter - alias-personae-Live1, vide/performance

Zander Porter

Zander Porter is a visual artist, performer, and curator from Los Angeles, currently based in Berlin. Porter uses media such as photography, digital media, performance and video. His work is based on his interest in social and collective vs. individuated identity in the digital age.

Loneliness Online – Sergey Melnitchenko

In the photography exhibition presented by SomoS Art House in Berlin, Sergey Melnitchenko (b. 1991, Ukraine) shares his series titled “Loneliness Online.” The series is a sociocultural research on pathogenicity in social networks, caused by the psychological effects of isolation. In this solo presentation curated by Anastasia Leonova, Melnitchenko casts a cool gaze on his […]

Elena Tejada-Herrera

Elena Tejada-Herrera is a trans-disciplinary artist that was born in Peru and is known for her work in performance-, social- and multidisciplinary arts. Her work promotes the participation of the public, employing different art disciplines as well as non-artistic practices into the artwork. These means have been, among others, paint, drawing, video, sculpting materials and […]

Yao Cong

Sensitive emotions have always been Yao Cong’s inspiration. He intends to explore the existing modes of gender, sexuality and identity politics. Through reconfiguring the language of desire, anxiety, and authority into a new fluid, hybrid structure, he creates immersive works which employ hazy, poetic and sharp aesthetics by diverse media such as moving image, physical […]

15″ Performance Cycle: Chemistry

May 13th 2017, SomoS presented the first installment of a new performance art series curated by Fecunda Lab, in which they provide a new platform for community and good-natured competition for performers, choreographers and dancers. In this playful performance tournament, the artists are invited to use the medium of performing art to express everyday life […]

Cheryl Dunye

Filmmaker Cheryl Dunye (USA) is a native of Liberia, and holds an MFA from Rutgers University. Dunye has made over 15 films exploring the intersection of race, class and gender in the lives of queers of color.

Bruce La Bruce - Slide 039

Bruce La Bruce

In his films and art photography, Canadian filmmaker/photographer/theater director Bruce LaBruce campily eroticizes the politicized body, wrought with ideology, violence, and often politically incorrect desires. The self-described “bastard child of New Queer Cinema” is currently the subject of a MOMA film retrospective. Bruce LaBruce’s uneasy and rebellious oeuvre initially brilliantly references late 60s, early 70s […]

Shu Lea Cheang’s “FLUIDØ” Casting

Shu Lea Cheang’s “FLUIDØ” movie open casting call on Friday 23.10.2015 from 3-5 pm. SomoS Art House is hosting a casting/performance for the film “FLUIDØ”, by the director Shu Lea Cheang’s, produced by Jürgen Brüning. Shu Lea Cheang is looking for both men and women for her casting. Come as you are, the director Cheang […]


Fixation – The Body & Sexuality in Art Film Artists: Shu Lea Cheang, Bruce LaBruce, James Bidgood, Jack Mitchell, Krefer & Turca, MuD. SomoS presents the international group exhibition “Fixation,” charting the representation of the body, nudity, sexual identity and sexuality in art cinema and related photography. By way of art-, still- and behind-the-scenes photography […]

Götter Glamor – Nika Fontaine

Nika Fontaine’s glitter paintings on view at the Götter Glamor exhibition at SomoS Berlin titillatingly contrast lyrical spirituality with glamor and kitsch. The works by the young Berlin-based Canadian artist are presented in a coherent installation consisting of glitter canvasses and objects which emphasize Fine Art Painting’s roots in cult, myth and religion. It synthesizes […]

Joanna Szproch

Joanna Szproch was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1979. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz with a Artist’s Master Degree in 2004, she immediately began to work as a photo assistant in Warsaw and quickly excelled in portrait and fashion photography. The pursuit of her art brought her to Berlin’s eclectic […]

Unclean In Motion

SomoS Art House dedicates its June 2014 program to the theme of “uncleanliness”. The Unclean exhibition presents works by international visual artists, performers, film makers and lecturers that deal with issues of self-identification and/or social exclusion based on common taboos and prejudices. The performance by Josip Horvat (HR) Let Him Out is dealing with the […]

Unclean Project

In ancient cultures certain animals, rituals, moral attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, sicknesses or even bodily fluids were all considered unclean. Still today, collective preconceived opinions or feelings, either favorable or unfavorable, have a great impact on society and the individual. SomoS Art House dedicates its June 2014 program to the theme of “uncleanliness.” Unclean presents works […]

In Between

“In Between” is a movement based performance that uses dance and actions to navigate our exploration of the “in between.” It is composed of two separate pieces which explore questions of race and gender identities. It challenges norms, the binary and established expectations in subjects that lie close to the artists’ hearts both personally and […]