Topic: Religion

Nika Fontaine

Berlin-based Canadian artist Nika Fontaine’s prolific artistic production encompasses painting, video, photography, performance and music. It focuses on art itself, the cosmic, death, love, otherness and spirituality. Fontaine is quoted as “playing with the physical musicality of matter and psychological properties of abstract entities;” aiming “to create artistic psychotropics that lead to transcendence and happiness.” The […]

Pedro Bustamante – Sacrificial Rituals in Capitalist Religion

A video-supported lecture in by artist/activist/theoretician Pedro Bustamante (PHD candidate, Superior Technical School of Architecture, Madrid) as part of SomoS’ Unclean project. The theme “Uncleanliness” is of great interest to Pedro Bustamante. He thinks that it needs to be discussed in the broader phenomenon of the sacrifices or the “scapegoat mechanism” as René Girard put […]

Unclean Project

In ancient cultures certain animals, rituals, moral attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, sicknesses or even bodily fluids were all considered unclean. Still today, collective preconceived opinions or feelings, either favorable or unfavorable, have a great impact on society and the individual. SomoS Art House dedicates its June 2014 program to the theme of “uncleanliness.” Unclean presents works […]

22+1 Tarot Photo-installation

Opening hours:  Wednesday-Saturday, 14-18 h Duration: November 2-15, 2013 During the past two years Viviana Druga & Tata Christiane have privately hosted a series of performative photographic sessions reenacting the Tarot de Marseille – major arcana. The backdrops, costumes, and props were inspired by the original cards, but also by the artists’ own private mythologies […]