Topic: Ritual

Opening reception of "Reconfiguring the meme machine" by Bianca Tainsh at SomoS Arts, Berlin showing the Australian artists conducting a ritual; reading a text while a group of overall-clad young disciples stands by more or less patiently.

Reconfiguring the Meme Machine

Reconfiguring the Meme Machine consists of a series of workshops and rituals conducted by Australian artist Bianca Tainsh during the month of September as she concludes her artist residency at SomoS in Berlin, Germany. The project, which aims to “reverse the tide on mass consumerism” by engineering a “Memetic Virus” – a concept that jumps […]

Iman Person

Iman Person is an interdisciplinary artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Employing ritual consciousness, primordial memory and referencing anthropological customs, she makes use of natural materials to create a hybrid reality between physical space and the ethereal. May 5th 2017, Iman Person presented her performance Mother Tongue at SomoS. As Person describes, Mother Tongue involves moments […]

Mother Tongue – Iman Person

On Friday May 5th, 2017, SomoS presented “Mother Tongue,” a performance by American performance artist Iman Person that centers on primordial language carried out through a series of runes and the artist’s body. The piece invokes moments of latent understanding through gesture to create a space for the boundaries of language to fall away and […]