Topic: Sexuality

Collage-like painted depiction of human relations by Taiwanese painter Rexy Tseng.

Rexy Tseng

Rexy Tseng (Taiwan, 1986) is an internationally active visual artist who works primarily with the media of installation and painting. In Tseng’s art we can see two ways of working that share similar concerns: installation and painting. In the installations, the artist uses technology to cast an ironic and playful gaze at human relations within […]

Becky O’Brien

Becky O’Brien is a London based choreographer and dance artist, originally from Ireland. Her creative work varies from performance art to choreographed dance work. She explores themes of gender, identity and sexuality, using a queer/feminist approach. In her performances, O’Brien uses her body as a political force to question the construction of her own identity […]

Loneliness Online – Sergey Melnitchenko

In the photography exhibition presented by SomoS Art House in Berlin, Sergey Melnitchenko (b. 1991, Ukraine) shares his series titled “Loneliness Online.” The series is a sociocultural research on pathogenicity in social networks, caused by the psychological effects of isolation. In this solo presentation curated by Anastasia Leonova, Melnitchenko casts a cool gaze on his […]

Simone Orgel

Simone Orgel’s current art project “Bing({‘})h” is a playful artistic anthropology of sexual representation in both language and image, which aims to reduce the taboos and paradoxes surrounding the depiction of female sexuality. Simone Orgel lives and works in Berlin. Between 2009 – 2013 she studied Communication in Social and Economic Contexts (BA) at the […]

Yao Cong

Sensitive emotions have always been Yao Cong’s inspiration. He intends to explore the existing modes of gender, sexuality and identity politics. Through reconfiguring the language of desire, anxiety, and authority into a new fluid, hybrid structure, he creates immersive works which employ hazy, poetic and sharp aesthetics by diverse media such as moving image, physical […]

Chueh Chiao Han

Chueh Chiao Han was born 1989 in Taipei. She works primarily in painting, as well as installation, photography and social art. She took part in several cultural preservation art projects in Taiwan’s rapidly changing environment, protesting the demolition of historic buildings that could be used to host art. Chueh’s paintings portray the complexity of human […]

The Beholder

Within “The Beholder” group exhibition, organized in conjunction with the acclaimed PornFilmFestival Berlin, SomoS Art House presents performative projects and ephemeral installations as critical responses to the notions of erotic fantasy, consumption of images, and the spectatorship and voyeurism of sexuality in our mediated society. “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder” is a […]

Unbound – Amphi

September 30th, 7-9pm, SomoS hosts a multimedia experience led by current Artist-in-Residence Amphi:Tryon as she concludes an intensive two-month residency at SomoS. Central themes to Amphi’s past and present work include the unique relationship between art, politics, and spirituality as they are framed within a feminist, post-colonial context. The continuation of her novel-in-progress, the medium […]

15″ Performance Cycle: Chemistry

May 13th 2017, SomoS presented the first installment of a new performance art series curated by Fecunda Lab, in which they provide a new platform for community and good-natured competition for performers, choreographers and dancers. In this playful performance tournament, the artists are invited to use the medium of performing art to express everyday life […]

Maria Guta

Stéphane Morey

Stéphane Morey (CH) is visual and media anthropologist interest in gender, sexuality and pornography. Since 2012, he co-organizes the annual alternative-porn film festival “La Fête du Slip” in Lausanne. Born in Sierra Leone to a Swiss evangelical missionary family, Stéphane Morey grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he studied Social Sciences at the Université de […]

Maria Guta

Maria Guta

Maria Guta was born in Bucharest, Romania, where she studied graphic design and made her practice in fields as visual communication, art direction and fine arts. She moved to Switzerland in 2010 and in 2015 she has completed a Master`s degree in Art Direction and Photography at ECAL (Lausanne). She is currently living and working […]


Fixation – The Body & Sexuality in Art Film Artists: Shu Lea Cheang, Bruce LaBruce, James Bidgood, Jack Mitchell, Krefer & Turca, MuD. SomoS presents the international group exhibition “Fixation,” charting the representation of the body, nudity, sexual identity and sexuality in art cinema and related photography. By way of art-, still- and behind-the-scenes photography […]


In 2014 SomoS again produces an Erotic Art Week in conjunction with the Berlin PornFilmFestival exploring representations of sexuality in art and media. Exhibition: Pornceptual Does SomoS For the Pornceptual Does SomoS exhibition SomoS invited Art/Porn agitators Pornceptual for a show that explores diverse representations of sexuality in artwork that intersects with pornography. The Pornceptual […]

Joanna Szproch

Joanna Szproch was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1979. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz with a Artist’s Master Degree in 2004, she immediately began to work as a photo assistant in Warsaw and quickly excelled in portrait and fashion photography. The pursuit of her art brought her to Berlin’s eclectic […]

From Cuteness to Knowingness

During the Pictoplasma Festival, SomoS presents drawings, painting, collage, video and performance by Japanese artists Hiroki Otsuka, Kinya Hanada, Hoji Tsuchiya, Kurihara Takuya and SHOXXX. A liberated application of graphic techniques, and a fresh interpretation of themes like heritage, pop cultural characters and self-presentation characterize the artists’ work. Opening reception: Wednesday April 30, 19:00 Feat. […]