Topic: Subcultures

Photo showing the typical Berlin -Neukölln sight of a mattress dumped on the street, carrying a graffiti message against Google's gentrification efforts in Berlin. (You know gentrification has arrived when the old mattresses on the street look so clean as this one..)

Workshop for Ideological Intervention

SomoS presents the “Workshop for Ideological Intervention” by Australian visual artist and curator Bianca Tainsh. Scheduled September 6th, 12th, 18th, and 22nd 2018, the series of workshops and rituals takes place within the context of the artist’s solo exhibition Reconfiguring the Meme Machine. The Workshop for Ideological Intervention invites you to transcend into an alternative […]

J.Jackie Baier

Noted German art photographer and documentary filmmaker J.Jackie Baier presents us with a deeply personal and unglamorized view of Berlin’s sexual underground, moving with her camera through the city’s clubs, brothels, bars and streets. Baier, who moved to Berlin in 1993 and officially became a woman in 1997, portrays in a non-voyeuristic way the lives […]