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Collage-like painted depiction of human relations by Taiwanese painter Rexy Tseng.

Rexy Tseng

Rexy Tseng (Taiwan, 1986) is an internationally active visual artist who works primarily with the media of installation and painting. In Tseng’s art we can see two ways of working that share similar concerns: installation and painting. In the installations, the artist uses technology to cast an ironic and playful gaze at human relations within […]

Chueh Chiao Han: Painting away the Pain

Danielle Reid discusses experimental approaches to painting from a female perspective with SomoS Artist-in-Residence Taiwanese painter Chueh Chiao Han, October 22 2017. Chueh Chiao Han’s work explores the complexity of human relationships, social pressures on the individual, psychological factors such as insecurity, validation, anxieties, empowerment, attraction. Her Bataillean depiction of desire and abandon, pushing against […]