Agnes Tam

24.10.2017   - 25.10.2017

Agnes Tam (HK) is an independent researcher based in Berlin. She researches extensively on cityscape and visual representation. Her current research focus is on the Situationist approach in political art and global solidarity. Tam’s past research is entitled “Preservation of Home of Malaysia Chinese.” Her essay on public art connected to the post-Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong is forthcoming in Winter 2017.

Lamentation – Agnes Tam & Michiyasu Furutani

“Lamentation,” Tam & Furutani’s contribution especially developed for The Beholder group exhibition is a performance piece presenting a prostitute’s monologue. The body is framed as representation of group identity entrapped between visibility and invisibility under the societal gaze. The conscious scrutiny of the relationship between agency and objectified body creates an mis-en-abyme contestation. The body is regarded as being instrumentalized in porn and in prostitution. Meanwhile, critical reflections on the fetishization of the body operate more or less on its objectification. Arriving at the discursive limits, the performance attempts to imagine an exit by “abjectify-ing” representations. Agnes Tam contributes conceptual and textual realization in this collaboration.