Tata Christiane

Fashion/art label Tata Christiane was founded 2007 in Berlin by Julie Bourgeois and Hanri Gabriell. Apart from the production of elaborate collections that blur the division between avant-garde fashion and art, Tata Christiane stands for extensive collaborations in the field of theatre, performance, film, photography and music.

Tata Christiane’s style combines a quirky elegance with a punk attitude and artful use of bad taste. Design, cut, and materials add up to what can be described as baroque Streetwear. The team take their inspiration from elaborate historic costumes and the more grotesque expressions of old lady’s wear. The resulting works posses a disturbed sense of beauty, marked by decay, extravagance and excess.

Tata Christiane’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, entitled “Bad Trip in Hawaii” was featured during the Tropicana 404 at SomoS in January and February 2015. The textiles and prints in this collection were inspired by the desire to escape to a imaginary paradise of a tropical island. Hawaii activated their minds and imaginations, but the real Hawaii was out of reach and unattainable instead. The fantastic visions translated into clothing make for an absurdist version of paradise that was absolutely suitable and fitting for the themes of this exhibition. The textiles from this collection were reworked to outfit five Butoh dancers who worshopped and performed a live butoh-inspired performance, responding to an a cappella rendition of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole “Over the Rainbow.” The evening, Butoh Beach, activated Tata Christiane’s designs to create a somber and melancholy representation of a paradise that remains an illusion.

(Julie Bourgeois portrait from Ari Versluis’ Kreuzkölln Encounter 2014.)