The Crane Wives

Performance/Interactive Installation

12.01.2019 3 - 5pm

The Crane Wives are back at SomoS with a new performance of their piece “The Crane Wives” – this time as a multiple-hour durational, interactive installation. Using much of the same material as their first performance but abandoning the narrative arc, the crane wives explores themes of loneliness, intimacy, and lonely intimacy with the audience.

The piece is a surrealist meditation on the body and it’s reaction to other bodies in space, inviting you to explore and become part of the performance. Over a duration of two hours the audience has the chance to experience the installation through improvised and choreographed movement. The audience is free to enter and exit the installation whenever it wants, and to follow whichever character it feels drawn to in the moment, moving around and exploring the setting that make up this world.

Patty Kim Hamilton
Ayala Shoshana Guy
Helena Palsson
LiLi Nacht

With original performance content by:
Léna Besse

The Crane Wives
Saturday, January 12th 2018, 3 – 5pm
Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.OG, 10967 Berlin (U8 Schönleinstrasse)

Because there is limited space for audience, we ask that you RSVP ahead of time by emailing While it is possible to still come the day of the performance, registered viewers will have priority.

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