The Crane Wives


12.10.2018 7pm  - 13.10.2018

“The Crane Wives” is an immersive interactive performance/installation created and performed by the collective with the same name, exploring the process of generating and defining a (female) self in relation to others. The piece is a surrealist meditation on loneliness, intimacy and the dynamics of co-existence.

The piece’s focus is the body and it’s reaction to other bodies in space. Over a duration of 90 minutes the audience experiences the installation through improvised movements and choreographed performances. The audience is free to follow whichever character they feel drawn to any moment, moving around and exploring the two rooms that make up the setting.

The space that the crane wives inhabit is a bare room with a few pieces of furniture, articles of clothing and small objects that are moved around throughout the performance to create a constantly evolving installation. Using these limited objects, the crane wives exist in and create their world separate from reality.

In this piece, the crane wives are four distinct characters, existing in the same world but responding in very different ways. They are trapped, resistant, confused, trying to become improved, awakened versions of themselves, and lost along the way. Playful and surreal, they create imaginary worlds, they argue, they search, they wash each other’s hair, they want to jump out the window. Blu is angry, and wants to leave. Kai is trying to become a new self. Zero wants someone to love. No One feels she has the answers. They are distinctly different, and yet interchangeably the same.

The Creators/Performers:
Patty Kim Hamilton
Ayala Shoshana Guy
Helena Palsson
Leńa Besse
LiLi Nacht

The Crane Wives
Friday, October 12th 2018, 7-9pm
Saturday, October 13th 2018, 4-6pm
Entry: free

Because there is limited space for audience, we ask that you RSVP ahead of time by emailing While it is possible to still come the day of the performance, registered viewers will have priority.

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